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  • The organisation of the admin-panel is really not made for mobile phones. What you want within admin when you check your blog via mobile phone is really to see if there are any new comments. But you have to scroll a lot to get there. First jo see all the menues on the left, then you for some strange reason see all the panes in the right column, before you see what has been placed in the left column.

    Does anyone know of a plugin which makes 2.7 work better for mobile phones?

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  • I use the wordpress app for iphone, works great. It would help if you tell us what kind of phone it is.

    It’s a HTC 730 with Windows mobile.

    Until I upgraded to 2.7, I did a lot of the administration of my blog on my mobile phone using Opera Mini. Mostly approving and editing comments, writing and editing posts. With 2.7 the administrative functions are largely unusable with Opera Mini.


    1. It’s impossible to edit comments in the moderation queue. The “Edit” link is hidden until you roll the mouse over it. In Opera Mini it’s just hidden with no way to invoke it. The same is true of the “Approve”, “Delete” and “Spam” links but I can still get to these functions by tagging comments and using the “Bulk Actions” drop down. Could edit perhaps be added to bulk options to resolve this?

    2. Saving new and edited posts does not work. I can edit posts and and create new ones but when I click “Save Draft”, “Publish” or “Update Post” although it appears to work (when the screen refreshes. ‘Post Updated’ appears), nothing is actually saved. In addition, after a failed save, the “Save Draft”, “Publish” or “Update Post” buttons are disabled so it’s not even possible to retry.

    I tried the mobileAdmin and WPadmin plugins and neither work with 2.7. At this point I see no alternative but reverting to 2.6.5 as I can’t live without the ability to edit comments and create and edit posts from my phone.

    So I’m pleading with the development tema, please test administrative functions in Opera Mini and if at all possible provide a way to perform basic admiistraive function using it and other “Full-web” mobile browsers.

    I’m looking for this too.
    I have a windows mobile phone, HTC 8125, and I’m using Explorer Mobile.

    I think this should be a prettry simple fix, just a css stylesheet that detects if the browser is on a mobile device. A plugin ought to do it. I just don’t know how to code it.

    Is there one that exists?

    can use it with

    works on pretty much every mobile phone

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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