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  • I upgraded to 2.6.1 and then upgraded the database, now I am getting a login loop (I log in with the correct username and password) – it keeps asking me to “please login again”.

    any suggestions?

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  • this seems to be a very common problem. i’m getting it with wordpress 2.5.

    I am even getting it with a fresh install now too!

    I’ve been having this problem too!

    It’s so bad that I asked my web host to just purge it so I can start fresh.

    I noticed that it occurs before I even apply a template, and if I remember correctly, it’s after adjusting some simple settings on the same page as the time zone.

    No idea how to fix this other than the ‘scorched earth’ method.

    It is common, because folk don’t read the instructions that say to clear cookies, which is 90% of the time the reason for the login loops.

    Clear cookies, clear cache, restart browser. Try again.


    Perhaps I’m jumping onto the coattails of a problem other than what mine is. Mine persists regardless of which browser, system, etc. one uses to access the blog.

    For example, I could use a pristine system that has never been online before and would still have the same issue when I access the page.

    In fact, I have tried this from 2 Mac systems, 2 Windows systems, my iPhone, and my wii (yeah, I was just curious)… all with the same result.

    Any suggestions? Is my problem something other than what the others have described?

    You may have to describe your specific problem in more detail. At first inspection yes, I would say it is different.

    This is what I’m seeing:

    Doesn’t seem to matter whether I try to login as admin or my username, and even the initial login looks similar:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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