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  1. jonerikstorm
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I wrote a widget to use on my blog that does not register a control. It has no options. All it does is parse an xml file and displays text from that xml file reformatted.

    Now when I go to the widget design screen, and I add it, on the list of widgets it simply displays its output. Any idea how I get it to just show up as the regular blue block with no options?

    function widget_myBillTrack() {
      echo $before_widget;
      echo $before_title;?>Bill & Case Status<?php echo $after_title;
      echo $after_widget;
    function myBillTrack_init()
      register_sidebar_widget(__('Bill & Case Track'),
    add_action("plugins_loaded", "myBillTrack_init");

    That is the operative code. Here's what it looks like in the options box:
    <img src="http://stormsemploymentlaw.com/wtf.png">

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