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  • I am in the same situation – I used the “Automatic Upgrade” plugin to go to 2.6 and right after running the WP Database Upgrade, it asked me to login. It appears to login fine but then redirects back to the login page. The blog works, but as above – I can not get to the dashboard.

    Any Ideas?


    I’m getting the same thing, but I upgraded manually then ran the update process. Worked fine last night but this morning won’t let me in, even after resetting the password

    Yep. I reset my password too. Now I have to deal with that random string of characters instead of my beloved password. Doh!

    Anyone have answers for this string? Please?!?!


    I was prompted to upgrade my database when the Automatic Upgrade plug in completed it’s business. I wonder if it reset the MySQL database login or something?


    Okay, first of all let me apologize to any Admins who saw this post and got mad because it was a repeat. I had never even seen the search box for these forums until I read some quotes from angry WP users who felt that the Admins were being rude. I understand the frustration associated with repetitive questions, so I’m sorry for not searching first.

    To those who posted in concert with me, check out this string.

    Okay. Now for an update on what I’ve managed to figure out, because the string above helps but still does not solve the issue for me. Somehow the user name of my blog’s MySQL database was changed. After much tweaking and head scratching I’m finally able to log into the database from my host server’s control panel. Still can’t get into my blog though.

    I think it’s because I need to be able to log in before I can change the database information, but in order to do that I have to be LOGGED IN! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m working on it!


    Here’s a video that everybody should watch about 2.6.

    2.6 Video


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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