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  • Hi there,
    I never had problems with WordPress but now I’ve lots. I’ve lost all my categories, which are still there but with no names. Just blank spaces with postings in it. I can’t edit them either.

    And I’ve lost all my precious Ü, Ä, Ö in my old postings. Can I somehow get them back?

    I’ve had this error before but fixed it:

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  • Ok, I’ve resolved the charset error. But the categories are still missing. Where does wordpress save them? Can I access them somehow in the database?

    Im having the same problem with 2.6 (from 2.1), all my categories are empty. I also cannot see the comments left on posts in the admin section, they show up fine on the blog but in the admin section the notifier icon tells me I have comments awaiting approval but I cant see any of them.

    Help – I’m having the same problem. Does anyone with answers ever use these forums?

    I’m experiencing the same problem… I’ve got over 450 posts and it’s just way too difficult to go back and re-categorize.

    I looked at other messages like this and they recommended doing a restore of your database then upgrading it by increments.

    I did not want to mess with that, plus didn’t feel like messing with my host, so I did what this said:

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