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    I’m using the Seashore template. The upgrade from 2.5.1 to 2.6 went fine . . . but now the text in my posts won’t wrap around the images in a post. Since my blog is relatively new, I didn’t have that many images in posts to begin with, and I removed the few there were. But for me images are essential for breaking up long post, and I write a lot of long posts.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Most appreciated!

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  • I have the same problem. Enquired about it yesterday. Got no response.

    I’ll let you know if I figure something out. For now, I would look at the code from the posts that worked and try to reproduce it for the new posts.

    i am having the same problem…but I haven’t been able ti figure out what’s going on…..

    *waits for someone to help us*

    find out what class or ID it’s using in it’s css and modify it so it works.

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    Otto42 —

    I did that, but the coding messed up my block quotes. Any other suggestions?

    Appreciate the help!

    Never mind. Tried it again and got it to work this time. Don’t know what I did differently, but it works.


    I still can’t get it to work!!!!

    I check the source code of my post, and it is missing style=”float: left

    I have to put that in manually to make it work!

    I still can’t get it to work!!!!

    I check the source code of my post, and it is missing style=”float: left

    I have to put that in manually to make it work!

    generally, I have been using hspace=”xx” before the closing / where is is the pixel count you want. Seems to solve the problem for me but is a pain in the butt for something that should be automatic.

    Otto42, your answer this problem was based on 2.5, the problem is 2.6. Sorry to be a party pooper to your reply, but it does not work!!! I installed 2.6 for a BRAND NEW blog for a client and the image problem (formatting as in align left, align right, vspace=XX hspace=XX) does not work even on an image that is being pulled from another source.

    As for uploading an image, forget it. It won’t even show on the page. I could see the image in the server, but when I call it, it is broken. In short, though 2.6 is supposed to be an upgrade to 2.5, it should go back to the drawing board.

    Sounds like VISTA and XP, don’t you think? I know that this comparison hurts being open source guys, but truly, 2.6 being 1 month early, perhaps, it needs more SQA

    P.S. I checked the link on the GALLERY when I am on the image uploader, it says like this:


    Notice the the 3 forward slashes? How did it get there? Where is it being generated from the code so that I could delete that extra forward slash. Hopefully that will solve the problem

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    Sheiglagh: The answer is the same regardless of what version you’re using, because it’s CSS + theme editing, not core code.

    Also, the “align” attribute is deprecated. WordPress no longer uses it. Instead, it uses classes of alignleft, alignright, aligncenter, and alignnone. You need to add code to your theme to make those classes do what you want them to do.

    Look at the default theme. It works.

    Sorry Otto but I’ve been having the same problem and have tried your suggest but it didn’t solve the problem. I updated to 2.5 the day it was released and everything worked. This problem only popped up yesterday when 2.6 was released so the problem obviously lies within something that was changed in that release.

    Otto, thanks for the clarification. Do appreciate it. I’m not a PHP guru like yourself. (I am saying this with humility. Hard to accept it in a public forum like this)

    But this has to be a problem with 2.6 itself. First, I noticed that the little icon for formatting the image is gone. Everything has to be done with the image uploader interface. The thing is, the image uploader HAD NEVER WORKED WELL with IE7 and though I’m not sure of this, someone just told me, in Safari either. I had to tell everyone to use Firefox if they want to have their images nicely formatted with their posts. (But this problem is for another discussion, not on this one)

    Second, CSS, I can understand very well. But, I don’t believe it is a CSS problem on this one because the CSS does not generate HTTP links. In short, the problem is not cosmetic. Like what richmaster said, it has to be something that changed in that release.

    All of us just want this problem to be resolved. We are all here because we support WordPress and Open Source. My knowledge of PHP is limited at best, but still, there must be something that can be done to fix this on our level.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    @richmaster: If that suggestion doesn’t solve your problem, then you need to explain your problem more clearly, perhaps in its own thread.

    @sheiglagh: Many things changed about the image uploader in 2.6. However, the problem being *described here* about images not appearing right on the page is the one I’m talking about. If you are having some other problem, then you a) need to start your own thread for it and b) explain clearly what the issue is. I can try to help, but only if I understand WTF you’re talking about.

    The original problem described in this thread was “the text in my posts won’t wrap around the images in a post”. That’s cosmetic. It is not an HTML issue. If you have an HTML issue, take it to its own thread, please. One problem per thread. The *original poster* to this thread has already posted saying that it did work.

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