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  • Can someone please tell me if I did something wrong here? I’ve had the official wordpress stats plugin installed since January, and I’ve loved it. I’m kind of OCD so I enjoy getting detailed info. But I just installed WordPress 2.6 last night, dutifully disabling all my plugins like it told me to…I then reactivated everything, checked the stats…and it had reset me! Everything was at zero!

    I realize this may seem kind of petty and it doesn’t actually harm anything…but why did this happen? Did I do something wrong? Have other people had this problem?

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  • me tooooo!
    I did the same like you and wnna my stats data back….:(

    I can’t even get it to run again. After entering API key I get an error.

    On my dashboard the stats seems to be resetted, but if i go to the full stats i see a switch menù in the upper right corner. In the menù appears 2 times the name of my blog. The first one shows the “old” stats, while the second one shows the stats after the update. There’s a way to “merge” them?

    I have the exact same problem … a dupe of my site, with old stats in one and new stats in the new one. Andy, anyway to merge them?

    Yeah, same thing here. Lost all the stats info (most visited posts, etc), and I don’t even get the names of the posts anymore. Only for the newest posts that were done on 2.6

    Does it need a fix?? or is it something that will get fix as the days pass?


    thanks for pointing out the switch up there. I already had a couple sites in there, so i hadn’t bothered to look in there but yep, sure enough…a duplicate…same as everyone though, i wonder if there’s some way to merge them…

    if anyone finds away, please post it here 🙂

    i’ve tried to contact the creator of the plugin at, but i can’t post on their forum, but i don’t have a blog on, so they redicet here on
    , so i don’t really know how to contact them…

    Actually, I went through all my posts (tedious if you’ve got a lot, of course) and re-saved them once again, and all the stats and names came back.
    Hope that helps the people with little number of posts~~

    I’ve tried your method, but it dosen’t work for my blog 🙁

    Anyone as any news?

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I still haven’t upgraded and am waiting for this issue to get resolved.

    What happened: your blog re-registered at with something different about it (maybe the path?), causing the duplicate entry to be added to your account.

    That is only a guess because none of you have provided your blog URL, which I need in order to find your records in the database.

    You may fix it by deleting your stats options:

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'stats_options'

    and then installing and activating the newest version of Stats. In 1.3 I added an option to let you associate your blog with a pre-existing record in the database.

    Alternatively, if you are comfortable editing a serialized PHP array you can manually correct the blog_id in your stats_options. The correct blog_id can be found in the URL of the global dashboard page where you view your stats.

    I installed a new theme which I like and don’t want to change. But my WPStats doesn’t work with it. I’m not sure which part of code I should delete and how to find it, but is it not possible just to delete the plugin from my plugins directory and install it again?

    That would be the easiest I think.

    BTW, my blog url is:

    I am having the same problem. No records of visits show up at all. API key installed correctly. I can log in via admin – just no record of visits.

    Is this bug fixed in WP 2.6.1?

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