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  • This is an item that needs to be address. I have two clients that are highly upset about the change. They want they the old image uploader back.. what do I do? I aggree with them the old one compared to the flash one is simplier and less of a hassle
    Let me know

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    What are you talking about? 2.6 actually added the non-flash uploader back and made it easy to access.

    When they go to the image uploader there’s a link that says:
    “You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead.”

    The “Browser Uploader” is the non-flash one.

    Sorry I meant the icon that embedded images that are already installed to your server. You gotta know what I am talking about. The little icon with the little tree on it?

    That icon was removed.

    You can insert images into your posts using the Add an Image button on the Add Media toolbar. After an image is inserted, you can edit it and make changes to the options by clicking on the image. This will bring up a small toolbar over the image. Click on the image button there and you will get a popup that has a lot more options to edit the image than our previous way of doing it.

    You can still insert images using a URL with that same method.

    Why did they do that? It was working just fine.

    Now I am locked out of the dashboard

    mach2racer – Thank GOD that little tree icon was removed. It worked very differently from the proper media library / uploader and confused users by its presence. I’ve wasted a lot of time explaining to users why they shouldn’t click the tree icon…

    I used the button a lot. Although I can use the other method, I liked having both, and I wish WordPress hadn’t eliminated it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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