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    I installed 2.6 the other day and ever since, my blog has been taking 30-60 seconds to load… on the site itself and in the WP admin. pages.

    Is there something going on that I need to change? I tried deactivating all plugins and that didn’t seem to matter.

    Can someone help me on this? I’ve read other forum enquiries and they deal with specific plugins – none of which I am using.

    I even tried the turbo link at the top right of the admin. pages, and installed Google Gears – that didn’t help anything. I even have my provider looking into this.

    Could you please let me know what you think this is all about?

    Thank you.

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  • it must be yours theme, really i have not seen a loading difference between 2.5 and 2.6
    if there is something it can be that your theme is not working well with 2.6 try changing themes or using the default one and see if there is a speed increase

    Thanks, Vachi. I put it on the default theme but I didn’t really see a difference with that either. So I don’t know if there’s a problem with the theme… especially considering that I had to wait about 40 seconds for the theme to change, and to write another post.

    So if the problem’s on the admin pages too, could it be the theme?

    Having exactly the same issue! Driving me mad and stopping me blogging. Helps if you open a link in a new tab, but times out loads of times. They are having the same issue on too it must be the last upgrade.

    Please fix QUICKLY!


    Ok, what I did was to deactivate every single plugin, and delete the entire directory of plugins from my site – then remove any code that called the plugins.

    All of a sudden my site is loading in normal times – fast even.

    I don’t know if the fast loading is a glitch, I guess I’ll find out in days to come. And then I’ll start to load some plugins, one by one, to see if I can find the culprit.

    Let me reiterate though, deactivating didn’t do it – I had previously deactivated all plugins and it didn’t speed up. Deleting the plugins seemed to have worked (at least for the moment, we’ll see).

    Alright, that didn’t work either. It did at the time, but it’s not now. My site is shifting between loading in 3 seconds and loading in 23 seconds.

    Although I’ve only put back 4 plugins, nothing is consistent – either with the site or with the admin pages. And I’ve taken off scripts, taken off graphics, even taken off links so that there’s hardly anything on the site except for posts.

    I’m at a loss. And my provider keeps telling me that it’s because the WP is calling too many things and slowing it down. I can’t see how that can possibly be the case when I’ve taken so much stuff off the site – stuff that I had loads of with previous versions of WP and it all loaded fine.

    Any clues?

    I’ve just upgraded to wp 2.6.1 in case that would help. I also installed the wp cache plugin (in case that would help).

    I still have periods of 3 second loading and then periods of 30 second loading. So I don’t know what’s going on.

    Can anyone help with this?


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    Assuming you mean the blog from your profile, see this link for your load times:

    I tried it and got 8+ seconds on your page load.

    Are you using a PHP op cache, such as APC, eAccellerator, or Xcache? I find that adding one (I use eAccelerator) helps a lot.

    Yes, j, the blog from my profile. I just tried that link and got 3 seconds – then I got 24 seconds. Then as it went through the site, it said “Processing was stopped because timeout exceeded.”
    Thanks for the link.

    I am using the wp-cache plugin now as well – although I’m not sure I’ve got the settings done in whatever the best way is, I’m not overly sure what to include in them.

    Anyway, 3 seconds loading time is great – 8 seconds is not bad either compared to what was happening. It’s just that there’s this big inconsistency now. Sometimes it may be 3 seconds and sometimes it may be 60 seconds.

    I’m trying to learn whether or not anybody sees anything obvious that might be causing this or knows a reason, because it only started once I loaded 2.6 on it.

    The results from that link say:

    Total loading time: 20.6 seconds
    Total objects: 24 (311.7 KB)
    External objects: 0 (X)
    HTML: 2 (32.2KB)
    RSS/XML: 0
    CSS: 2 (8.7KB)
    Scripts: 5 (194.1KB)
    Images: 15 (76.7KB)
    Plugins: 0
    Other: 0
    Redirected: 0

    Can anyone tell me what the “objects” are? that looks to be the biggest offender with 24 of them as well as the scripts. Images I’m ok on because I don’t always have anything more than the header/footer images on the site.

    The scripts are ones that are included in wordpress I assume, because I didn’t add any scripts. The biggest offenders look to be the prototype js files – whatever they are. Can I remove those? Will it hurt anything on the site?

    I tried removing the prototype js from the header and deactivating the wp grins plugin, all of a sudden it loaded in about 3 seconds. But then the next refresh went back to about 24 seconds, so I changed the theme back to the kubrick theme since it doesn’t call those javascripts in the header and I got a 5 second load time. But the next refresh was 25.9 seconds, even though it looks like it should be faster:
    Total loading time: 25.9 seconds
    Total objects: 9 (101.1 KB)
    External objects: 0 (X)
    HTML: 2 (29.5KB)
    RSS/XML: 0
    CSS: 1 (9.6KB)
    Scripts: 0 (0KB)
    Images: 6 (62KB)
    Plugins: 0
    Other: 0
    Redirected: 0

    I’m just not getting this. I think I found the problem because the site will load fast, then it loads slowly again and I figure that I didn’t find the problem.

    See results here

    You can see that one time the site loaded in 2 seconds. Fantabulous! Next time 20 seconds 🙁

    So nobody had any answers and I guess the reason why not is that it was a server issue with my provider. It seems to be resolved now while I’m still using 2.6.1, so thanks for all your help

    Jafer I feel the pain as I am having very similar fast then slow load time issues. For one client I found it to be the Godaddy server. They did something, it sped up by a few seconds but only for a couple of days. Slow as all get out now and my client isn’t happy. (in development). I’ve tried the deletion of plugins as well and going to the default install theme for WP 2.6.x.

    Can you let us know if all issues are still resolved and who was your provider?

    I’m using 2.6.2 on (hosted by dreamhost). I am having severe performance problems. Dreamhost assure me nothing is unusual at their end.

    I have deactivated (and deleted) all plug-ins (except Akismet). Apart from upgrading to 2.6.2 a month or so ago, the only change was to inlcude a collapsing archives plug-in .. which I’ve since disabled.

    I used to be OK with 4 or 5 seconds for the main blog page to load, but now it’s never less than 10 and often 15/20 or even timing out. I’m on a fast connection where simple pages even with large (non-active) content seem to load very fast.

    Any suggestions ?

    Wow….this seems to be a WordPress 2.6 issue.

    Is the dev team aware of this?

    I am having the same exact problem with 2.6.

    I upgraded to 2.6 the day it came out. Everything worked fine.
    Then yesterday (I had not touched my site in over a week) it started
    running VERY slow. 26 seconds to load. My site is a basic text site with no bandwith hogging resources and I don’t run any plugins.

    When can we expect a fix for this?

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