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  • I have (at least) 4 installs that have been hacked, all on 2.5.1 (saudi lords, muslim protests, that kind of home page). All were relatively new (set up within the last 2-3 weeks), and hadn’t really launched yet–was still playing with some theme/category stuff. Not the end of the world to delete them and start over.

    I’m really concerned now about my other blogs, though. Any thoughts on what they might be doing, and how I can lock them down? Sorry if this is a repeat question–couldn’t find anything looking like info on this kind of a hack, and I’m not a super tech savvy user.

    Could it be some sort of a plugin hack that they’re using? Unlike the couple of times I had a 2.3 or 2.5 hacked, in this case I could no longer log in at all–so they got all the way in this time.

    Thanks for any help.


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  • standard answer: It isn’t wordpress, 2.5.1 is totally secure. It is your host / isp / your home computer / your slack security / other software you have used.

    I have long since learned: Unless you can totally 100% document how a hack occured, TPTM won’t look.

    Hmmm…that’s helpful, if that’s true, that no one will help me because I can’t document how it was hacked. If I could document it, I could probably stop it.

    Can’t be issues related to previous versions of WP–these domains never had anything installed before. Heck, 2.5.1 was out before I registered them, I think.

    Seems unlikely that it’s my server being hacked–I still have control over the login to cpanel for the hacked accounts, and the majority of my installs haven’t been hacked.

    I’ve picked up a few things on some other threads that might help, but if people really won’t respond because I can’t document exactly how it was done, that speaks volumes of this community…




    TPTM == the people that matter.

    Thanks, will drop “TPTM” a note.

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