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  • Just a little rant!
    I’ve been dealing with this since upgrading to 2.5.

    See for yourself

    Honesty, in that gif I was going pretty wild but no matter how slow and accurate I go the result is the same, it takes a while to open it or close it.
    Not to mention, but it could be a problem from my side, that if I remove a text widget all the content gets deleted, I used to move around text widgets from one sidebar to another but now I have to open it (if I’m lucky in a couple of clicks) copy the content, close the widget, display the other sidebar, add a text widget and paste the content from the other one.

    That’s not good!

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  • I could see why this would be a problem if you are using a trackpad on a laptop, otherwise, its quite easy to move the mouse over the link until the hand appears, let go of your mouse, and left click with your finger. 🙂

    Thats why I’m going insane, I move the mouse until I see the pointing finger and let it go but as soon as I click the link it moves around. I tried with an optical mouse, a trackball, my wacom tablet and so far the best thing that works is clicking like there’s no tomorrow, eventually the the widget opens.

    That little gif is just a example of what’s going on, I was so mad today… I mean, it’s not the end of the world, but something as simple and brainless as a click becomes frustrating.

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