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  • It is less intuitive and user-friendly than its predecessor.

    The disappearance of the Page slug field is maddening… (reminds me of disappearing features in MS Windows upgrades…)

    The widget management console gives me a headache…

    Hope 2.7 looks more like 2.3….

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  • Just an FYI.. the page slug field just moved, it’s not gone entirely. If you edit an existing page you’ll see the permalink under where you can input the title. If you click the small EDIT, you can edit the slug just as you would have before.

    The only change is that you can’t name the slug when writing a post for the first time, which is a minor annoyance, but I can live with it. I resisted 2.5 but am settling in with 2.5.1. Try the write panel hack too if you want it to look more like the old layout:

    chewru, thanks for the link. Count me among those who are extremely disappointed in the way the redesign of the Write page turned out. It wasn’t broken for my clients, tho I would love for them to be able to use the other features of 2.5.

    It surprises me that the WP powers that be are taking such a defensive stand on this issue. I don’t think that the ones who did the redesign actually used or use the product or watched people use it. And that’s really too bad.

    BTW, 2.5.1 doesn’t change anything about that Write page interface.

    It surprises me that the WP powers that be are taking such a defensive stand on this issue.

    what “powers” would that be, and where?

    If you are unhappy with the new write panel interface for 2.5, please vote on
    Idea: Revert the 2.5 Write screen to 2.3 in the ideas section.

    It has recently come to light in these forums that the developers don’t really read the support forums (that’s right — not even this “Requests & Feedback” section!) — these forums are pretty much only for user to user support. But they DO look at the IDEAS section, so that’s a good place to be proactive about changes you would like to see.

    thanks for the info above…

    strangeattractor, i did vote on the idea – thanks for posting here…

    another 2.5 bitch: attaching files is a process which needed improvement but has become even less intuitive than in 2.3….

    and does not work yet for me.. the screen hangs when i try to attach the ‘media’ to my post…

    Same here, Dusibello. I have not yet been able to do a simple image upload and add to post with 2.5. The script has Javascript errors. There are other bugs also.

    Perhaps Microsoft took over the WordPress project and nobody told us?

    Go here to support changing the widget management:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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