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    First off… ARGH!!!! Ok, feel better now. But my site is having something inserted code AFTER the footer so no matter how much I scream I wont get it fixed. 🙂

    I have searched the forum and have seen many hacks explained but I can’t see to find the one that applies here. There is code being inserted right after the footer. Starts like this: (notice the <dd4> – there are others like <dd5> in that code also)

    </html> <dd4><font style=”position: absolute;overflow: hidden;height: 0;width: 0″><a href=……………………… (long list of links and text follow this, obviously from the hack)

    Now, at least the website does not display this since it is after the </html> tag. But I will be darn if I can find how to stop it from being there. Things I have looked for or tried:

    the “1” folder

    _new. and _old. files mentioned in other posts

    looking for iFrames

    used exploit scanner – returned very few hints, and even after deleting the plugin that could be at fault (Ajax WordPress) the code still showed up.

    uploaded a clean install of WP 2.6 -deleted WP dir + uploaded clean version to server + started WP without any theme or plugin working
    Looked through the database but found nothing out of order (limited knowledge here though)

    none of the above helped, the code was still there. I have the following plugins:

    Ajaxed WP
    All in One SEO
    Contact Form 7
    Search Everything
    Wordpress Database backup
    WP-FileSystem Tester
    WP Ajax Edit Comments

    My theme is just a modified version of the default theme. mmmm what else can I try?

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  • Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this was wordpress specific. I just jumped on this because I was googling my problem and this is the only post or listing anywhere I’ve found that described exactly the same problem I’m having. My apologies… I’m just kind of stressed about this all because I don’t know what to do to fix it and this is my business website. I’m just trying to sort it out.

    Thanks anyway.

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