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  • If I could give a 2.5 star option I would. Let me preface by saying that I am not a webmaster, educated in web development at all and have only a beginner’s level understanding in website troubleshooting. I paid someone more experienced to set up my site and I run it as a turn key operation. Bulletproof has worked for us fine for the most part, but to be honest, I’m terrified anytime there is an update involved. Usually the updates go okay, but the 2 or 3 times they haven’t I’ve usually had to jump through many stressful hoops to get it back on track or had to pay to hire someone to else fix it. This last time, after we updated to the newest version, it caused the most damage so far and I had an inbox full of complaints from my customers unable to access any content, subscribe to the site, and had to issue many refunds. I also couldn’t update my site properly. I had to pay my host do a rollback to before I updated BPS and everything worked perfectly again. Whether BPS was the problem or not, I am not qualified to follow the steps provided by the staff (who answer back within 24 hours and are as helpful as they can be). If you are savvy in web development and speak the language, then by all means give BPS a go. You’ll probably do great. If you are like myself and have little knowledge in how to fix these things, I would reconsider your options.

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    Let me quote what you said in this forum thread where I was helping you.

    Thanks for getting back to me. After trying your troubleshooting steps, I found that the problem wasn’t with bulletproof. I contacted HostGator and they resolved the problem on their end (although I’m not sure what they did, so I can’t help you with that). Thank you again for your help.

    I’ll look into it with my what our host and let you know. For the time being, I was able to get them to roll back the site to the day before I installed the update and it’s now working perfectly (at least for now). While I don’t know if BPS is the cause of the issue, it seems to have been what set it off.

    So both of your statements conclusively show that BPS was not the cause of whatever the problem is/was that is occurring on your website. You did the BPS troubleshooting steps to eliminate that BPS was causing the problem and then you restored your site and upgraded to BPS again and everything was fine.

    BPS does not do anything intermittently. Either BPS works or it does not work – there is no inbetween or intermittent problems that come back later with the BPS plugin because that is not possible/there is not any code in BPS that would be capable of doing something like that.

    I already stated previously in the thread where I was helping you, what the most likely causes of intermittent problems could be:

    Intermittent problems are typically going to be related to things like: cache/caching plugins/CDN’s/VPN’s/Proxy’s/Load Balancers/Host server problems/Browser problems (corrupt cache, add-on, extension)/ISP (connectivity)/CloudFlare, etc.

    Summary: I understand that you are upset, but since BPS is not the cause of any of the problems that are occurring on your website then it is inappropriate to blame BPS for problems that are being caused by something else and not BPS. Most people find BPS very easy/simple to use and troubleshoot so I do not want to offend you in any way and am just stating a fact based on the feedback that we get from most folks.

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