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  • WordPress is NOT sending me notifications via e-mail whenever someone posts a comment on my blog. I’m using wordpress 2.5.1

    Yes, the check-box is checked to “notify me of comments.” My email addresses match up. I have added I’ve changed the line in pluggable.php to “$from_email = ‘’; ” and NOTHING has worked.

    Is this a wordpress bug? Am I going crazy? Is this host related? I use YAHOO HOSTING. Is it them I should be on the phone with?

    I’ve spent 2 weeks reading everything I can find on this issue – I am incredibly frustrated and would really appreciate some help! I’ve seen nothing here on wordpress but 10 unresolved threads but no solutions.

    Hopefully this won’t be #11.

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  • What other information can I post to help figure this issue out? Moderators and coders, what do you need? Anything? BUELLER?!

    Really, guys? No ideas at all?


    I’m with you man. Why doesn’t anyone want to help with this???

    2.6 and I’ having the exact issue and did everything you did!

    I use Google apps and had the same issues. I’m not exactly sure how I fixed it, but FWIW, when I added my email address back to my Plesk panel (i had deleted before, i guess because I was afraid it would conflict somehow if it was in there and in Google Apps) I immediately started getting my notifications from WP again.

    Still having the same problems – tried a number of solutions (all of the above plus plugins etc), looks like we fall into two categories, those who can receive and those who can’t. And nobody knows why. Keyboard smashing time!

    Hi, yep been having this problem for almost a year now, extremely frustrating! Yesterday, I tried installing a plugin that someone from my hosting support forums recommended, but it didn’t work. (I went to my hosting forums after posting here 2-3 times with no replies.)

    So, I had the same problem. However, I think I’ve found a solution. I was using Webfaction and initially installed WP 2.3.1. After several upgrades till 2.7, I’d had issues with sending email.

    So I installed the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin, the test email works fine. However, comments would not trigger emails. So then, I replaced the wp-config.php file with the version that came with 2.7, and made sure to change the values in the config. Emails started working…

    Give that a try.

    I had a similar problem after I moved my blog from one server to another. I used WordPress’ import feature to grab all my old posts. My new blog was set up using a new admin name, and the imported posts were published under the old admin name.

    I discovered that comments will only be emailed to the author of the post. All my posts were published by my old user name and didn’t have an email address associated with it. Once I added an email address for that user, I received comments via email again!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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