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  • Basically, I am no longer receiving the email notifcation when anyone leaves an email on my blog.

    I setup my blog last year with Word Press 2.1 (or .2, I forget) and everything was fine; I was using the default Theme and emails were being received regularly.

    About a month ago I changed my Theme to Dipdolt V1 and upgraded to 2.3. Since then, nothing.

    With the release of 2.5 I upgraded again, keeping the same Theme, and still no emails.

    I have searched and browsed for answers, with most of my attempts to patch things up being summed up in this thread:

    So in summary, I have:

    – removed “228 $phpmailer->Sender = apply_filters( ‘wp_mail_from’, $from_email );” from pluggable.php
    – made sure I have both and
    – installed the Comments Notifier pluggin
    – made sure that the general notification check box is ticked so I receive it for all comments

    Does anyone else have any ideas?

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  • I’m having this same issue.

    i have this problem too with 2.5. suddently there’s no more email notification upon comment. nobody seem to solve the problem yet 🙁

    Same problem, same sad face.

    any word if this is a bug or not?

    weird.. just now i install the old WP 2.3 to my hosting. and try the comment email notification. it didnt work aswell.

    it was ok before.. not sure if this is hosting problem or WP problem. very less people have this problem, it shouldnt be WP right? any idea?

    hum the contact part still works ( just no email notification

    still the same and i’m not a php expert or anything so i have no idea what gives.

    if i were to click on forgot password, wp will reset my password and states that it has sent me an email.

    but i never recieved any notifications whatsoever. thus will be locked out.

    on a fresh install, comments are also not sent out even when i choose to moderate all comments.

    i’ve recently installed the plugin for cforms, and apparently when i submit a message, the email address i used will receive a notification.

    but my admin address does not receive any notification.

    its frustrating because i have no idea where the error is coming from or what i did not set up correctly.

    i am using google hosted if that makes any difference.

    same thing here :s

    did 2.5.1 fix this problem? i havent upgrade mine.. still on 2.5

    Nope, 2.5.1 has the same problem 🙁

    i do hope someone will fix it… its like i regret updating it. kinda annoying i have to manually login to my dashboard to check if there is incoming comment or not.

    I am having the same problem. The interesting thing is that posts that are commented on prior to the 2.5 upgrade send out the emails.

    So, in my opinion, this is a 2.5x only issue. Has in WP development/bug tracking been notified.

    UPDATE: I realized it’s only happening for me with one commenter so far… I get notifications for everyone else.

    Same here. No comments notification. I get notified of the Database Backups though….hmmm

    You don’t get a comment-notification if you comment to yourself. Have you tried it with another person commenting your posts?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 113 total)
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