2.5 media uploader... A HUGE BUG (4 posts)

  1. colombo79
    Posted 8 years ago #

    As stated here and here and a lot of other topics the new media uploader means a bunch of problems to solve if you are not lucky during installation.

    1 >> This should be urgently fixed by testing the media uploader in different types of servers, browsers and configurations.


    2 >> if I'm using a big layout on my blog, why will WP limit all images to 500px max width, and especially why does a user have to search the forum to find out he has to manually change WP files to set a new max width? This should really be a dashboard function.

    3 >> When posting full size images why does the image still link to a new page that shows the exact same image? This should also be a media uploader function (weather or not the image links to new page/tab)

    4 >> When uploading media you have to always check if you prefer thumbnail, medium or full size. There should really be an option so the uploader remembers user preferred image size.

    I really hope the media uploader is quickly improved, flash per si adds nothing but a bunch of compatibility, safety and code issues.

  2. colombo79
    Posted 8 years ago #

    3 >> Actually you define if and which link the image will have via media uploader. My bad.

  3. DigitalAlias
    Posted 8 years ago #

    The media uploader or the way media is handled in 2.5 confuses me. Now when I upload an image (which I originally had set to max of 450 pixels), my options are "Thumbnail", "Medium", and "Full". But when I click on "thumbnail" it literally gives me the original image scaled down to 450 pixels wide... meaning if the original image is very large then my quote/unquote thumbnail isn't a separate file at all, but the actual image and it'll load just as long as it would if I looked at the full-sized image. Does this make sense?

    The prior version created two images for me a thumbnail and a full image. Is this how it is supposed to work - like I said I'm totally confused and now (until I can find an answer) I have to create two images to upload to the site.

    Other than that I've enjoyed version 2.5.

  4. MattyBeatz
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I agree, media uploader is dreadful!

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