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  • Resolved sithicus


    When I click on any of the media upload buttons I get the message.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” with a blank pop-up window.


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  • I’m having the exact same issue

    Deactivate the newly updated WP-contactform… it broke the uploader.

    What if we don’t have that plugin installed? Where would we find it? (I’m getting the same thing for attempting to edit my SRG Clean archives settings).

    I have the same issue as jamestl2 said

    Yes the poblem is the WP-Contactform.

    And where do we find that? As I said, I never installed that plugin manually.

    If you’re using WP-Contactform, here’s the fix:

    In wp-contactform.php, move this block of code (starting around line 13:

    //Grab some default user info, if available (Submitted by Dan)
    	$wpcf_auto_email = get_profile('user_email');
    	$wpcf_auto_ID = get_profile('ID');
    	$wpcf_auto_first_name = get_usermeta($wpcf_auto_ID, 'first_name');
    	$wpcf_auto_last_name = get_usermeta($wpcf_auto_ID, 'last_name');
    	$wpcf_auto_name = $wpcf_auto_first_name.' '.$wpcf_auto_last_name;
    	if (empty($_POST['wpcf_email'])) {
    		$_POST['wpcf_email'] = $wpcf_auto_email;
    	if (empty($_POST['wpcf_your_name'])) {
    		$_POST['wpcf_your_name'] = $wpcf_auto_name;

    And move it, placing it just before this line (around line 137):
    if(wpcf_check_input()) // If the input check returns true (ie. there has been a submission & input is ok)

    And if we’re not using it?………

    Take a look midway down the page here where it lists the “Non-working plugins, or has issues”.

    I had the exact same problem with the “are you sure you want to do this?” verbiage and found my problem to be an incompatible plugin contained on that list. Upgraded the plugin, problem solved.

    Hope this helps.

    I did look at the list however I couldn’t find the plugin I’m using (SRG Archives) on the non-compatible portion of the list.

    Would other plugins we have installed cause this specific plugin (SRG) to not work properly too?

    If so, I’ll relook at it and see what could potentially be causing the problem then.

    Nope, I couldn’t find anything. I have NO IDEA what’s causing this problem.

    I had the issue with Google Analyticator and had to upgrade the plug in. Works like a champ now!

    I am getting this exact isssue. I don’t have any of the plugins on that list, but I do use a bunch of them. I’ll test later.

    Although, it works in IE7, just not FireFox. Which is strange. Any ideas why that might be? Also, in IE7 the popup window is half of the bottom of the page, but at least it lets me embed images.

    same issue., different plugin (feedwordpress).

    ‘are you sure…?’ , without a confirmation or whatsover.

    browser: FF3
    wp 2.51 and 2.6

    It works ok in Opera.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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