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  • Hello,
    Adding an image to a post used to be simple, quick and easy but with 2.5 it’s long winded buggy and a complete pain, I know the moo tools javascript slimbox thingy looks fancy but it’s very slow and doesn’t work very well and even with a 19 inch monitor you still have to scroll down which is really annoying as the slimbox thing means there’s two scroll bars which gets confusing :0( also the alignments don’t work when you send the image to the editor and you end up having to edit the html code to make it work.

    Also it would be good if you could upload via the media library admin panel or bulk upload by ftp – at the moment if you upload via ftp the images don’t register with the library.

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  • I actually like the new “upload” function of the Media Manager. It’s so fast! But that’s it. It takes so long adding each individual thumbnail, whereas in the previous versions, it only took about 1 second per image. Click the thumbnail, send to editor, select another thumbnail, send to editor, and so on, and so forth.

    With this new one, everytime you send to editor, the manager goes away forcing you to have to re-open it for EVERY .. SINGLE .. THUMBNAIL. Very time consuming, to say the least! If there were a way you could mesh the two together (the uploading capabilities of 2.5 with the practicality of 2.3 and lower) it would be awesome!

    I’d much rather see the bugs fixed in the new version, but there’s no doubt that 2.5 was a premature birth. Working with images used to be simple, and now’s it’s a pain.

    The HTML in the current version works again good CSS practices. It adds a bunch of <br style="clear: both" /> tags. This inevitably adds space around the gallery thumbnails that is impossible to manage gracefully. I’m going to have to alter the base code to fix it to use on my site, which I don’t like to do.

    Please fix this for the next release. This can be coded friendlier without much effort. If you want help with it, I’ll be happy to lend a hand.

    I agree, posting images takes me alot of time now. I hope someone makes a plugin because I don’t see WordPress people fixing this any time soon.

    Might be a pain but it appears to make blogs more image search friendly 🙂
    Because before, I would just upload images like I don’t care about its description, title and so.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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