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  • On the Manage page, how do we sort drafts by author? Currently I can only filter by month and category instead of status and author.

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  • I’m having the same problem. We have multiple authors/editors for our blog and they need the ability to filter posts by author and sort them via published and unpublished. With 2.5 we seem to have lost this functionality which was available in the previous release. If anyone can shed some light, that would be great.

    In this version, the managing of posts by author is no longer under the Manage Posts section. That’d be too obvious, I guess.

    Go into your dashboard and then look at the far right of the screen, you know, where Settings, Plugins, Users are located (the stuff that is supposed to be little used).

    Click on Users. Then you’ll see all of your users listed. At the end of each user’s record (row), you’ll see their number of posts. Click the number and it will filter their posts and redirect you back to, you guessed it, the Management section.

    You can still filter by author. You just can’t get to those posts directly from the Manage Menu, you have to go through the User’s menu first and get redirected back to the Manage Posts section.

    How’s that for efficient? 🙂

    Thanks Rongo,

    hmmm. looks like you can do pretty much the same thing by going to manage and clicking on the author link in the manage table. But, I still can figure out how to show post status by author (i.e. show me all drafts for a given author) Geez, if you have multiple authors, 2.5 is very cumbersome.

    This is annoying. Is there a plugin that will do this?

    I’ve just replaced 2.5’s /wp-admin/edit.php page with the one from 2.3.3, and it brought back the author drop down. So far, it’s working just fine for me and nothing seems to be broken, but I’m not really a coder so try this at your own risk.

    Whoops, just found a plugin!

    It’s at the trac:

    So you need to go to the bottom and click the “original format” link – which is this:

    Save that on your computer, upload it to wp-plugins, activate and you’re done.

    Great work, Westi!

    Thanks Sapphire, the pjw-wp-filter… plugin worked great. Definately a great find for those that need work with multiple authors. I was considering reverting back to 2.3 Hopefully, this will resolve one of the biggest issues I had.

    Perfect. Thanks.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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