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  • Hello,

    I’ve installed 2.5-RC1 and I’ve gone through the “HTTP Error” message for uploading – disabled mod_security, all is fine.

    I’ve updated from SVN last night (25/03/2008, after midnight).

    Now what’s puzzling me is that I upload an image, send it to the editor with a link to the image file, save the post and the link is then modified to point to an attachment page instead of the image.

    What I want is to have the thumbnail and when I click on it, to open the larger size image directly (be it in another window or in a lightbox), as with previous WP versions.

    I’ve tried this with both the the visual editor and the code editor – all looks fine until I save the post.

    I’ve also tried re-editing and saving the post – same result.

    The link initially inserted is something like:

    The one after save is:

    What am I missing?

    Should I edit the attachment.php page in the theme to only output the image?

    I’ve also noticed another few bugs:

    – If I upload several files for the same post, I see them in the gallery. When I edit another post, the gallery is empty.
    – The “align” properties misbehave when sending to editor.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  • I’m getting this error as well. Still changes link to the post instead of the image after you manually edit the html and everything.

    Update: I just found that if you remove the “rel” tag, it stops changing it.

    Hmm.. I confirm that – but the thing is that I needed the rel tag for a lightbox plugin.

    Thanks for the temporary solution phocks 🙂

    In the meantime, I’ve modified the lightbox JS to “simulate” the rel attribute (I’ve made it so that it selects all links that have an image inside and that link to an image).

    But this is however a bug. I’ll search for a similar report and post it on trac if I don’t find one.

    When I’ll put the site into production, the client will update all pages / posts and he’ll definitely not manage to remove the rel attribute on links.

    Just upgraded to WP2.5-RC2 and am having the same exact problem. Removing the rel attribute fixes it…but I need it for lightbox as well.

    The gallery feature is broken I think… Using gallery in my posts displays the thumbnails fine but clicking on them gives sends me to an error page instead of a larger view of the image. The weird thing is it works fine when I preview my post before publishing it. As soon as it’s saved things get stripped out and no amount of editing fixes it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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