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  • I just downloaded 2.5 and am trying to upload an image gallery. The gallery has about 200 pictures, but every time I start uploading the entire selection, I only get through a few before WordPress gets to the “crunching” phase on one photo (not the same one each time) and stops working.

    Is this an issue with WordPress, my hosting company (DreamHost), my internet connection, or some other factor?

    Regardless, it makes using the image gallery feature impossible. Sad.

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  • I have the same problem as you 🙁

    Something that would be nice, would be the ability to re-start stalled uploads at the point of failure. This way, if it freezes, we don’t have to figure out which files made it and which ones didn’t, we can just hit “continue” and the transfer will attempt to start again.

    yeah i got this problem too
    sometime its ok, sometime its just stay in “crunching…” .

    WP 2.5 dissaponted me 🙁

    I too have this crunching error in 2.5
    although i didn’t in 2.5 rc2 as far as i can remember.
    will try it offline to see if it works there but it definatly doesnt on any photo i try to upload to my live server.
    (i will probably go back to using slickr and lightbox anyway but irritating anyway)

    Finally I have managed to clear my problems with the media upload and posting in WordPress 2.5! thanks to a mix of possible solutions, this is what I did.



    1) htacces in website-root should contain:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    2) chmod settings for uploads folder set at: 755

    3) In your admin goto: Settings => Miscellaneous.

    set ‘Store uploads in this folder’ to: wp-content/uploads (do not put a ‘/’ after uploads)

    Leave Full URL path to files BLANK.

    4) IE has specific known issues. Download these two files, replace them in your WordPress installation: Download at:

    Download the file, unzip and copy the two folders over the exiting folders, it will replace two files with a ‘,’ issue that makes IE7 act up.


    These steps solved the problems with Adding media in the new WordPress 2.5 for me.

    I’m Using Windows Vista and IE7, I really think that there are no server issues for most of the users that cause problems with the media uploads. Probably steps 3) and 4) are the most important!

    Hope it helps for others!

    By the way, the 2.5 is a pleasure to work with, and a great leap forward!
    Hopefully all users get there problems fixed, it’s worth the trouble.

    Marcel van Leeuwen


    I had problems uploading the media files too.
    I kept on having a HTTP Error thing after the crunching stage.

    I managed to solve it by going to SETTINGS ==> Miscellaneous.

    Then by changing the IMAGE SIZE for MEDIUM SIZE to
    Max Width: 1000
    Max Height: 1000

    Apparently if you leave the Medium Size to the default
    300 px wide X 300 px high, you’d get this error if
    the image you upload is bigger than the Medium Size value.

    I’m using Firefox with XP.
    Hope this helps too.


    Thanks avinews , got it solved.

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