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  • Hi all,

    I checked the 2.5 Image/Media Uploader problems sticky post to see if this issue was address and searched for it without luck. I am pretty sure it’s a theme problem.

    I upgraded to 2.5 a week or two ago with no hitch. However, today when testing out posting a gallery (as in the video on the WP blog I noticed that after clicking on a photo in the gallery, it takes me to the “sub-post” as mentioned, but there is no thumbnail navigation to get to the other photos in the gallery (also the photos are off center). This leaves one on an orphan sub-post page.

    You can view my test gallery post and problem here on my site: Just click on a pic in the gallery.

    I think it is a problem with the theme I use, however, I’m not sure what or were I need to ad any kind of code as this is a new feature. Plus, I don’t code very much, I just know some basic stuff.

    I use this theme which the designer claims is 2.5 compliant. I switched to the default theme briefly and the navigation appeared and the main image was centered.

    I posted this on the post on the theme creater’s post about all themes being 2.5 ready:

    I found a compatibility issue with the new WP 2.5 image gallery feature in the Rhea theme. I just created a post using the gallery feature as described in this video over on the WP blog:

    The gallery seems to generate fine, however, when I click on an image in the gallery, the image displays off center and there are no navigation thumbnails, leaving one stranded on an orphan sub-post.

    I left the test post up on my site for you to check out if you would like.

    I deactivated the two plug-ins I was using after reading this post to see if that had any effect, it did not. I also switched to the default theme briefly and the gallery feature worked properly in it.

    I’m sure tweaking some bit of code would fix it, but I’m not advanced enough to know what to look for. I think Rhea is an excellent them and would love to see the gallery feature working. Please let me know if there is a fix.

    Thank you.

    He responded with this:

    You will have to style the gallery using CSS.

    I am rather confused as it is it’s basic functioning that doesn’t work, not that I want it to work or look a certain way. It worked in the default theme, so I assume some new code is missing from the theme I am using? If it is CSS what and where would I need to put in?

    Can anyone help me out with a fix to the navigation? I am really wanting the gallery feature to work properly as I am a photographer and want to us my blog to display my work.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

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