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  • I like 2.5 so far, but there are a few little things I’m having trouble with.

    We use it on where 100 different people write and 10 or so people edit the stories first. But I found that when we edit someone else’s story, the editor changes the name of the author to the logged in editor that’s currently editing the story.

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  • This is the same problem I have. There is no option to set the author any longer. Bummer.

    I am running into the same problem. About 75% of our posts are done by authors then reviewed and updated by an editor. Anyone have any thoughts?

    I know you can go back and change the author at the bottom of the page, but that is a pain to do every time.

    I am running into this too. I realize you can change the author at the bottom of the write/manage post page, but it is a pain to have to do that for every edited post (which is 90% of our posts at work).

    2.5.1 seems to have fixed this as far as I can tell.

    its still happening for me on 2.7



    What is happening with me is that the Admin account is the only account that messes up the ‘author’ field.

    In the Create post screen it picks a different author from the drop down list automatically, giving credit to some other author.

    I had to create 2 admin accounts to get around it because your admin account doesn’t show up in the drop down list.

    So you after to change it to the 2nd admin account to make sure you get credit for being the author. Annoying bug.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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