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  • Since upgrading to 2.5, I can’t upload images. The window pops up, I can browse/choose a file to upload, and then it either sits and does nothing, or it says “crunching,” and completely closes my browser (Firefox), uploading nothing. Any ideas? A file I can edit? Any way to revert just the upload part (probably not, but can’t hurt to ask, eh?)?

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  • A small update. I noticed that upon loading of the choose file/media/gallery window that the buttons on the file upload switch from two buttons saying “browse” and “upload” to a single button saying choose file. So I choose a file. Then it’s as I said in my previous post.

    I’ve tried manually uploading all of the files for the new version, since the first upgrade was a one-click from my host (DreamHost, in case it matters). My browser is current. Making the changes mentioned at doesn’t help (not even with clearing browser cache).

    Since image uploads seem to be a problem for so many people, I’ve switched back to 2.3 for now. But the features of the new version look like they’ll be awesome once they’re all working. So if anyone has a fix you can share, I’m chompin’ at the bit to make the switch back to 2.5.

    No, the changes don’t make any difference for me either.

    I think the problem was a buggy flash plugin for my Firefox browser (on Linux). Thought it was the latest version, but a fresh installation seems to have fixed the problems. The images upload now, and go into posts just fine. (doh!) If you’re running Firefox on Linux, and having upload problems, try reinstalling or updating your flash plugin.

    Really I don’t understand why the post is entitled “resolved”. I have the same problem, if the problem is resolved, please tell us how to fix it 🙂

    I just upgraded and cannot upload images at all, I just get stuck at the “crunching” screen…

    My uploading problem has been resolved by reinstalling my browser’s flash plugin. I see there are quite a few image uploading problems posted in this forum, and if only a browser plugin upgrade could fix each one! But they must be different issues.

    upgraded my flash plugin but still didn’t worked:
    “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

    please help. 🙁

    I posted something on this issue in the feedback part of this forum:

    maythen,what browser and OS are you using?

    Sorry for be annoying, but Why wordpress – an free an open source software relies on a closed, buggy and crappy closed software as is flash???

    Opera won’t work either uploading images….

    Sebelk, I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu (Linux). My site’s hosted on DreamHost. Any or all of three things could have fixed the problem for me.
    1) Deleted my host’s one-click install, and installed WordPress from the downloadable file.
    2) Reinstalled/updated(?) my browser’s flash plugin.
    3) Cleared my browser’s cache.

    Editing and inserting graphics into posts still doesn’t work for me with the Opera browser (uploading goes fine), but that’s not a huge issue to me anyway.

    Did you see this post: ? If uploading on 2.5 is not working, there is a plugin available that turns off the flash uploader.

    The plugin works for me. I actually like the way that the plugin overlays a popup screen rather than taking you to a whole new browser page.

    well, guess what? I am now using Ubuntu (from LiveCD) Gutsy Gibbon, and with Firefox and now it works!! Before, I was trying with Mandriva 2008… but I don’t understand why it happens this, also the media library contains files that I was uploaded before, but dialogs failed in notify that…

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