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  • Ok, version 2.33 was automatically adding style=”display: none;” to all of my image tags when writing a post. So I upgraded (?) to version 2.5 and it seems to do the same thing. Here’s a better explanation…

    First, (using Firefox) I start to write a new post. I give it a title and move to the post “body” section. I click the image icon to add an image (one that is stored on my server, and yes I provided the full path). I then click the newly displayed image in the post body and click the image icon again to edit it’s properties. I set the alignment to left, give it some horizontal space, and click update to save the changes.

    Next, I click on the image again to highlight it, and click the “Link” icon to make it a hyperlink. I enter the URL, and choose “Open in new window” and click “save” to save that.

    All this works fine. However, if I click on the HTML tab to manually edit the code, the <img> tag automatically adds the following parameter:

    style=”display: none;”

    I didn’t do this, WordPress does it automatically. For some reason, this seems to make the image invisible, even though it still exists in the code, the visual editor (and subsequently the post) won’t display the image.

    It’s driving me crazy, and I’m so close to dropping WordPress altogether for something else…

    Please someone help?!

    Aneal K.

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  • Quick update:
    I’ve now disabled the visual editor and installed the RawHtml plugin to try to figure out what is going on. I even edited the tinyMCE javascript to try to remedy this issue.

    I’ve discovered that when I hyperlink an image to a ?php url, the image disappears from the post, but a static url (like works just fine.

    Any suggestions to remedy this?



    Suddenly this has started to happen to me too. WordPress automatically inserts style=”display: none;” to images, (even in posts that used to look to perfectly fine up to now) resulting in images not showing. Anyone has a clue what’s going on?



    Your are not running ABP or similar plugin for Firefox?


    It’s definitely the fault of AdBlock Plus. I was seeing the same problem on a website we run, even when we didn’t use a visual editor to create the page. ABP just hijacks the style of the image and set it to “display: none”. In the source code of the page, however, the image appears to be normal.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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