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  • aka.calisto post in the linked worked for me in the end.

    I had the same problem here. I hadn’t upgraded or anything, simply moved wordpress from one site to another. My solution here was not solved by deactivating plugins, however upgrading my copy of wordpress DID solve the problem.

    My advice for anyone with this issue is to upgrade if you can – or follow the same steps as an upgrade (be sure to check the link as well as follow my instructions here):

    1. Back everything up.
    2. Completely remove your wp-admin and wp-includes directories
    3. Upload the new versions of those directories
    4. Selectively overwrite files in the root with the new files (EXCEPT wp-config)
    5. Overwrite anything within the wp-config directory on a per-file basis; being careful not to overwrite custom themes, plugins, etc.

    Hopefully that saves some time for someone in the future.
    Update: Just noticed bisquitware had covered basically the same steps in his comment.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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