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  • I have to admit, that I’m heavily annoyed by the way the 2.5 admin turned out. I’m using WordPress for years now and with every update it got better. But this one is a step back, by graphic design as by functionality.

    Drag’n’drop widgets gone. Huzzah! back to olden days…
    Admin-GUI by no means more accessible or more ordered, you find nothing

    And my biggest concern is the new post-GUI: EVERYTHING lined up in one row? gimme a break! categories UNDER the post, so i have to scroll? Image-insertion in a popup??? You cannot be serious?

    I installed Fluency to get the admin panel a little more bearable, but I will definitely go back to 2.3.3, I certainly hope there will be security-updates for that version. If not, I will probably switch to another software altogether.

    A pity, since I tested quite some blog softwares and WordPress was my favourite…

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  • No, I’m not imagining it, I did empirical tests and the lower quality of 2.5-generated thumbs is objective.

    Have a look at:

    the thumbnail was generated with 2.5

    you can see the same image as thumbnail generated with 2.3.3 under

    the older one is smooth while the newer one is obviously not antialiased.

    I would not call that “improved”.

    Edit: Had a look with firebug: Now I’m beginning to see what the problem is. There is no thumbnail generated, the original image is scaled down instead.

    Edit: The media manager seems not to work correctly anyway, since the image positioning in the article does nothing, I have to position it with the WYSIWYG-editor after inserting it into the text.

    I’m going to stick my neck out on this issue and say that it has ruined the whole blogging experience for me. The UI was the best feature of WordPress, it’s the bit that bloggers know and love for being an ace bit of kit.

    **But having to click extraneous links to get to draft posts (whereas drafts used to sit nicely at the top of the write page)?

    **The menus have been so pared-down that to find anything is now more of a task than ever (the old version wasn’t confusing in the slightest!).

    **Width of the Write window leaves a huge gaping hole at the right hand side of the screen (are we still doing 800 x 600, people?!)

    **Scrolling for the most basic of options which now no longer drag and drop into place.

    **And to top it off, it looks awful.

    I tried what Xanathon suggested and installed Fluency, but though better, it still has the same (horrid) essential style as the default 2.5 theme.

    I do awfully hope that you didn’t pay these folks at Happy Cog, because I believe a three year old could’ve done a better (and more useful) job.

    I don’t usually say anything on these sorts of issues, contentious as they are – but I couldn’t let this one go. Please please please make the classic theme available. I left Blogger for you guys (and have been so glad I did!), don’t desert me now!

    I also did not like the new wordpress, for many of the reasons above. The upgraded dashboard was just a reshuffling of the old one and the Write page was a step backward. Here was my solution:

    Disabled the flash uploader with the plugin, still no change, still no thumbnails are created, just the original image inserted and scaled down.

    1. Make sure you uploaded all the WordPress files correctly. Really, this is probably the most common upgrade problem.

    2. Clear your browser cache, restart your browser. Do it twice. Browser caches can be persistent little things.

    3. Update your Adobe Flash to the latest version: Flash

    4. IE has specific known issues. Download these two files, replace them in your WordPress installation: IE-Fix

    5. Another known issue is where the media buttons don’t appear at all. This happens when you have an older plugin interfering with the JavaScript. I encountered this problem with an older version of WP-Amazon, but any plugin loading its own jQuery can cause the issue. Disable your plugins and see if the buttons appear. If so, reactivate one by one until they don’t appear any more. Upgrade all your plugins as well.

    6. Worst case… Disable the flash uploader for now, using this plugin: No-Flash-Uploader

    Been there, did that, got the shirt, problem persists.

    I’d like to downgrade – or have an opt-in for the old dashboard? You know, like… “Click Here for the Old Dashboard”

    This new one… everything is so freaking small and I have no clue where all my stuff is now. I really would like my old dashboard back without downgrading – otherwise I’ll stick to the previous version’s line and not budge until hackers and script kiddies finally get the best of me.

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only person to go into shock when they saw the “new” backend – misery loves company I guess.

    My main site wasn’t updated and wont be until I see some improvements in 2.5 although I’m going to keep my new site with 2.5 and see if I fall in love with the ugly one.

    The new write screen is the my main beef with 2.5 … moving the right column functionality to the bottom was a calculated move to help beginners at the expense of those who NEED that functionality in a common sense and easy to reach place….




    I installed an early svn and agree, I think the write post screen is very counter-intuitive, regardless of who it was written for. Of course, I didnt care for 2.3.x’s either.

    For me:

    I want the excerpt under the post title and above the post content.

    I want the categories on the side.

    I dont want to scroll to find things I use every time I post.

    That said, I have all of that, since I rewrote 1/2 the page.

    I was impressed with the ease of the upgrade.

    I must admit though I don’t like the admin at first glance. Partly because I can’t edit my text box wiggets as I have two sidebars and they don’t fit and partly because the menus are now everywhere rather than in a simple, tiered system.

    I hope I get to like it or I hope an upgrade is offered with an old style interface.

    I wish I’d read some of this first…

    I really love most of the UI changes. No more “slug,” which confused all of my clients. The uploader seems to work reasonably well, and allows file types that I previously had to specify with a mime type plugin.


    Moving the categories to the bottom of the screen is a huge mistake. In 2.3x, there was a lovely division between the post’s content (things you type on the left) and its meta data (things you select on the right). Now everything’s jumbled in a way that defies logic. Like the rest of you, I work with categories on every post. (I generally don’t use tags.) I loathe having to scroll down to reach the category box, where before I had it handy on the right. What frustrates me even more is that there’s plenty of empty space on the right, since the content area doesn’t take up the whole width, but the page is coded in such a way that I can’t move the categories and tags over using CSS alone.

    If it’s possible to rearrange the Write screen in a plugin, I’ll write it. I cannot express how much I hate the new location of the categories and tags.

    As a relative newcomer to WordPress (couple of months) I rushed in and upgraded to 2.5, although quite happy with 2.3.
    Sidebars and widgets: The old drag and drop was fine but getting used to the new one. My only personal problem is, using four or five sidebars, I keep forgetting to click ‘show’, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
    Categories: Not sure I’ll get used to the location. Too much scrolling and, at the moment, I invariably forget and have to go back and edit later. Altogether far too much scrolling involved in posting now.
    There are obviously bugs with the images – alignment doesn’t work, inserting image works intermittently and half the time left with a blank pop-up and no image in the post. Seems to work better with a new upload as opposed to a library image. Tedious having to code the images, though, when this happens. Sure this will get ironed out as so many seem to be suffering similar problems.
    So, with bugs, no perceptible decrease in load times, slightly unhandy layout and posts taking longer to actually write and publish, my initial reaction was to downgrade or change, but maybe I’ll give it a little time to see if things improve.

    Count me in for being annoyed by the new category placement.

    It needs to at least not require scrolling to see all of them, and ideally it should return to the right side instead of being under the post…

    If this doesn’t change soon (or if there isn’t a way for me to change it w/o code) I’m going back to the last release.

    I also am annoyed by having to scroll down to find the categories. It’s not like there’s a dearth of room at the side.

    I’m finding the uploader the most annoying, though. I have a very specific way I want the code for pictures in my posts. I had hacked the old upload.js so that when I pressed the [send to editor] button, the code was added to my post exactly the way I wanted it. Now I can’t make that change, so I’m going to have to hand-code every photo. 🙁 That, in itself, is a deal breaker for me.

    Add my vote against the category placement. I don’t see any benefit to having the publish status where the categories were. And if categories must be beneath the edit pane, then they should at least be above the tags. I do like the ability right there to create a new category within the hierarchy.

    And add my vote against the pop-up uploader. Besides the delay, it prevents doing anything else on the page until it’s done. It’s nice to have the progress bar, though.

    One more thing that I don’t think anyone’s mentioned here, and it’s the most irritating: After publishing a new post, 2.5 takes you to your site instead of providing a fresh write window. This is a terribly presumptuous time waster.

    It would be nice to think that a WordPress “official” was reading these comments and giving some feedback – or listening to our calls to have a “go back to classic view” option on the backend.

    Gods of WordPress – where are you?

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