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  • I have to admit, that I’m heavily annoyed by the way the 2.5 admin turned out. I’m using WordPress for years now and with every update it got better. But this one is a step back, by graphic design as by functionality.

    Drag’n’drop widgets gone. Huzzah! back to olden days…
    Admin-GUI by no means more accessible or more ordered, you find nothing

    And my biggest concern is the new post-GUI: EVERYTHING lined up in one row? gimme a break! categories UNDER the post, so i have to scroll? Image-insertion in a popup??? You cannot be serious?

    I installed Fluency to get the admin panel a little more bearable, but I will definitely go back to 2.3.3, I certainly hope there will be security-updates for that version. If not, I will probably switch to another software altogether.

    A pity, since I tested quite some blog softwares and WordPress was my favourite…

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  • FYI, we’ve now been told that Trac isn’t the right place for our discussion, either. My original ticket has been marked a duplicate of the later one, and that one has been closed with the comment that it should be taken the Ideas forum.

    God, how frustrating this is.

    Please see this discussion also:

    I’m in total agreement, the new back end is very annoying. It’s not a matter of getting used to it as I am used to it now :0) but everything takes a lot longer to do now, nothings intuitive and every thing’s all over the place, over complicated and laden down with lashings of oh so sloooowwww javascript.

    I’m trying to come up with a patch or something that would change the “Manage Posts” page in a couple of ways. First, just by copying the version of /wp-admin/edit.php from 2.3.3, I got back the option to sort posts by author, which is hella important for the admin of a multi-author blog. Yay!

    What I did not get back is the old method of displaying the date, which included the exact hour and minute the post was published. I need this feature for future posting, so I don’t accidentally put two posts within minutes of each other. But if the old edit-page didn’t bring it back, that leads me to think the dev team has changed the actual function that calls the time and date. I’m pretty ignorant about php coding, so correct me if I’m wrong.

    What I can’t figure out is which function to edit, or even if it IS a function that’s changed the behavior, or what. Can anyone give me even a hint of what I’m looking for?


    Ha! Never mind. I found it: download this and replace your /wp-admin/edit-post-rows.php with it:

    Sapphire’s Edit Post Rows Patch

    I’m continuing to read about writing plugins, but so far I just don’t get precisely what I need to do to make things like this into one. I’ll keep trying!

    Ignore this post. I thought the above patch wasn’t working (and, in fact, it wasn’t), but I fixed it now.

    You know, going into the code, I’m surprised 2.5 seems any faster, because the code seems a lot more bloated. I had thought maybe we were losing features to increase speed, but it just looks like a lose-lose situation to me now.

    I’m trying to make this into a plugin, but not having much luck. You can read about that here:

    And if anyone can help, I’d obviously share credit.

    I’m logging in while on holiday — how geeky is that? 🙂

    I think we need to face the fact that WP 2.5 is now a bit of a turkey for power users. Personally, I’m looking at Symphony now as it’s lean and fast, and it gives me an excuse to finally learn XSLT which I’ve been putting off for some time. It won’t be right for most people and you need a web-host that supports XSLT, but it looks promising. That and Textpattern. For larger sites, many people have recommended Expression Engine which I’m looking into and it’s great — though does require a licence for commercial use.

    WordPress Dev team, hear us.

    It’s nice and good to know that wp 2.5 is way more secure, but it’s a pain on how we bloggers work at the back end T_T

    I am using the WordPress 2.5 update on one blog and have forgone the update, sticking with WP 2.3.3, for another blog.

    I am definitely not into WP 2.5. The Dashboard/Admin panel seems to be a regression in usability.

    Thus and so, I am reluctant to upgrade, recalcitrant even. What is to become of my WordPress blogs?! Seriously, how long can I go without upgrading?

    @greasetender: You don’t have to continue using WordPress. There are plenty of other options out there.

    I’m running about 30 wordpress sites for clients right now.

    2 of them have the 2.5 upgrade – and I will not upgrade any others until things get fixed :/

    We know there are many other cms solutions out there, but I imagine everyone here really likes wordpress and would like to continue with it. If we didn’t care about it no-one would be posting.

    If it comes down to it I will re-upgrade to 2.5 but untill it becomes essential I’ll put it off as long as I can, it just seems such a step backwards from a general users standpoint which is a real shame.

    A shame to be overlooking the needs of your most fanatical users…

    Is there a precedence for WordPress continuing to provide critical security updates for older, not upgraded versions? I would hope so.

    The frequent whole-sale upgrades, none of which are ever quite easy or painless, should not be forced upon users to get critical stuff fixed.

    It would be very easy to say, “here, file XYZ.php, replace this in your distribution”. Of course this can be done right now in a roundabout way by watching the dates on the updates in the code base, but it would sure be nice for there to be a more user-friendly way.
    (and so forth)

    I personally agree that 2.3.3 should be kept going for as long as possible. Nothing wrong with it, many think it might be better than 2.5. Think Vista vs. XP…

    You all might be interested to know that I emailed Matt Mullenweg asking when he was going to make a public comment on these issues. He said:

    There has been plenty of discussion on the public developer mailing lists. Every release of WP generates polar reactions, to be honest 2.5 hasn’t really had any more than we have in the past. We collate the feedback and will be trying a few different approaches to things like categories that people seem to be having the most trouble with.

    So, I gather, the upper echelons just don’t give a fork.

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