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    This one has me completely stumped. We (three different authors) have lost all functionality in the wp-admin areas. The installation / upgrade from 2.3.3 was a complete re-install and literally everything worked just fine for a eight days, then boom, gone. The odd thing, to me, is that I have a testing blog set up on the same host (VPS, running Red Hat Enterprise Linx) that is NOT experiencing these Admin problems, and is running all the same plugins.

    It appears to me that there is some kind of error in jquery.js that I cannot seem to fix. Here is the output from Firebug when I try to Write a New Post:

    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] [c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'(c)'\\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('(J(){7(1e.3N)L w=...
    jquery.js (line 11)
    jQuery is not defined
    [Break on this error] jQuery(document).ready( function() {
    common.js (line 1)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] Math.max(Math.min( parseInt((fx.pos * (fx.end[0] - fx.start[0]))...
    jquery.color.js (line 18)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] ng"&&typeof fn[0]=="undefined"&&RegExp("function","i").test(fn""));};var i=0;var...
    jquery.schedule.j... (line 2)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] var re = jQuery('#' r).html('');\n
    wp-ajax-response.... (line 15)
    missing ; before statement
    [Break on this error] autosaveLast = $('#post #title').val()$('#post #content').val();\n
    autosave.js (line 6)
    missing ] in index expression
    [Break on this error] (function($){$.dimensions={version:'1.2'};$.each(['Height','Width'],function(i,n...
    jquery.dimensions... (line 12)
    missing ) in parenthetical
    [Break on this error] top: ( input.offsetHeight) 'px',\n
    suggest.js (line 57)
    missing ] in index expression
    [Break on this error] $.fn['tabs' method] = function() {\n
    ui.tabs.js (line 31)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] return s.nonce || url._ajax_nonce || $('#' s.element ' input[name=_ajax_nonc...
    wp-lists.js (line 22)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] b.html('<a href="" class="save">'뉛ꀯ崧.save'</a> <a class="cancel" href="">'뉛ꀯ崧.c...
    slug.js (line 11)
    unmatched ) in regular expression
    [Break on this error] jQuery( '#tags-input' ).val( new_tags.join( ',' ).replace( /\s*,\s*/, ',' ).rep...
    post.js (line 14)
    missing ; before statement
    [Break on this error] document.getElementById('content').style.height = - 30 'px';\n
    editor.js (line 9)
    missing ) after argument list
    [Break on this error] jQuery("body").append("<div id='TB_load'><img src='"詨஡Ꝟ.src"' /></div>");//add...
    thickbox.js (line 56)
    missing ; before statement
    [Break on this error] while (str.length < threshold) { str = "0" str }\n
    quicktags.js (line 22)
    f has no properties
    [Break on this error] var tinymce={majorVersion:'3',minorVersion:'0.6',releaseDate:'2008-03-xx',_init:...
    tiny_mce_config.p... (line 37)
    edToolbar is not defined
    [Break on this error] <script type="text/javascript">edToolbar()</script>

    (I hope that code markup worked)

    Here’s what I’ve done to try to resolve it, and none of it has helped, even briefly.

    1) Deactivated all plugins.
    2) Deleted all plugins.
    3) Re-load wp-admin and wp-includes from a fresh download of WordPress (deleted the wp-admin and wp-include directories, did not overwrite)
    4) Cleared cache on Firefox, repeatedly.
    5) Cleared private data on Firefox, repeatedly.
    6) Forced re-load on Firefox, repeatedly.

    Other indicators of problems:

    • I (a logged-in admin) cannot post a comment – it returns a blank page, with no error messages.
    • However, the scriptkiddie spammers can post comments (so my spam queue is filling up rapidly.
    • Ajax/javascript functionality is lost across all Admin pages – widgets, comments, theme management.
    • Write Post (or Page) gets me this message: Your attempt to add this post has failed. Please try again. Trying again does nothing. No errors reported by Firebug, either.
    • Cannot login with IE7.
    • Cannot recover password with IE7.
    • The problem is occurring with three different users in three different parts of the country. Meaning, I don’t think it’s a network cache issue.
    • Two different OSes in use – Windows XP, and MacOS

    So, the common failure across this entire mess is a Firebug error message for jquery.js:

    missing ) after argument list
    [c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'(c)'\\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('(J(){7(1e.3N)L w=...

    I’m kinda out of options here, short of nuking the database and starting from scratch. It’s the only difference between my production install and my test install, so I’m suspecting some wacky widget code is stuck in there and blowing something up. I’m really reluctant to do that as there are 1500+ posts, and the SQL file is over 13MB in size (which bugs me, as that seems excessively large, but I haven’t gotten into the database debug mode yet, as I’m a database moron.)

    Any ideas whatsoever? I’m happy to post any more information that might be helpful, including database info.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Check the wp-content/cache/js-cache folder. Delete anything you find in there. Delete anything you find in the cache folder for that matter.

    I have no idea how jquery could get messed up though. Verify that the copy on your server is identical to the normal one in your download. Maybe something on your server is messing with it.

    Look for other copies of jquery on your site. Maybe something else is injecting a different version into the page.

    I’m sorry, Otto, but I have posted this twice – it looked to me here like it was getting eaten. Feel free to delete my other moron posts.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It was getting eaten. I fixed it. No worries.

    Well, durn…I have no wp-content/cache/js-cache.

    Regarding jquery.js, I’ve done the following:
    – re-uploaded from the original 2.5 download
    – re-downloaded 2.5 and then re-uploaded
    – downloaded from the working test site, and uploaded to the production site.
    Indeed, I’ve uploaded the files and directories so many times last night and this morning that I don’t think there’s a combo I’ve missed.

    Well, I found the problem. One of my other administrators had changed the content encoding to UTF-7. I can’t believe that I missed that in two debugging sessions. My apologies for clogging up the forums.

    I’m off to chop off some heads, or at least some fingers.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    LOL. Is UTF-7 the predecessor to UTF-8? 😀

    What I think it is, is a one-hour and three-letter difference from UTC-7.

    No kidding.

    How did they change the encoding? And how did you change it back? I’m having a similar problem since upgrading to 2.5.1 when trying to edit or write posts. When I open a draft post (any one) Firebug shows an error over and over with jquery. Eventually it gets in the thousands and my host cuts me off for overloading their cpu.

    I’ve tried re-upgrading 2.5.1 and downgrading to 2.5 by restoring backups, but to no avail. I’ve deactivated all plugins. The problem shows in IE, Safari and Firefox on both of my Windows XP Pro computers.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    I’m also seeing the same thing.. I think it started when I turned on a plugin a day ago and nothing will fix it.. heres the error in firefox

    jQuery is not defined

    the dashboard feeds don’t work, the mediaupload doesn’t show up.. weird.

    Another error when I go to write a new page..

    edToolbar is not defined
    Line 777
    When I go to edit a dashboard feed.

    syntax error
    Line 1`

    jQuery is not defined
    Line 330
    jQuery is not defined
    Line 495

    Go to the themes page

    jQuery is not defined
    Line 330

    on the deactivating plugins

    syntax error
    Line 1
    jQuery is not defined
    Line 323
    syntax error
    Line 1

    *sheepish grin*

    oops it was because of a 301 redirecting /wp-admin/js/ to /js/

    Here you go;

    So jQuery has been used as trojan all over, major companies like WatchGuard (makers of the firebox) have decieded they had enough and have blocked it. Try going to a friends house or something, I cant blog at work because of the firebox lol but can at home just fine.

    2008-05-02 17:02:01 Deny http/tcp 51710 80 1-Trusted 0-External ProxyDrop: HTTP Virus found   (HTTP-proxy-00) HTTP-Client.1 src_ip_nat="" src_port_nat="10173" rc="593" msg_id="262184" proxy_act="HTTP-Client.1" virus="Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent-1" host="" path="/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.2.3" 	Traffic

    also i cannot download the WP package becasue it contains the “trojan” lol


    2008-05-02 17:00:55 Deny http/tcp 51654 80 1-Trusted 0-External ProxyDrop: HTTP Virus found   (HTTP-proxy-00) HTTP-Client.1 src_ip_nat="" src_port_nat="10091" rc="593" msg_id="262184" proxy_act="HTTP-Client.1" virus="Exploit.Gif.PHPembedded" host="" path="/" 	Traffic

    Go figure

    I am also having a problem with creating a post or uploading images. I can’t even get to the screen to insert any images, my browser just sits there with the gray screen, tried both IE and Firefox. I notice the the ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ buttons are blinking in the background. This also happens when WP tries to create my permalink automatically at the top of the post. It takes a long time and the ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ buttons are blinking. This is the first post I have tried to create since upgrading to 2.5.1.

    When I deactivate all plugins drag and drop of widgets starts to work again. Hmmm.

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