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    My hosting company was in touch to say I have exceeded diskspace. 20gb is the limit and I had over 28 Gbs on one wordpress install!! I have deleted and purged it down to 24 gb and cannot figure out what else I can safely delete. Surely 24 gbs is much too much for a smallish blog??? Does anyone have any suggestions of how to proceed?

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  • Unless you’re self-hosting videos, music, .iso’s or software packages, 24GB seems really large. Have you identified where that much content is being stored and exactly what it is?

    Most hosting control panels have a function to see disk space usage. The main one that I work with is cPanel, and I know that ha sit. If you use cPanel, you can see which folders contain the highest file sizes.

    In cases like this I would start looking at files that are not part of wordpress unless you have been uploading videos or very large image files. I rememeber one site a while ago that had an error log file that was over 1.4GB by itself, so add in a few of those around the site, andit’s easy to get up to 10 or 20GB quickly.

    Also, remember that on most hosting accounts all of the sites files count towards your storage – and this includes emails, logs and anything else that’s associated with your site. A lot of people store all of their email on the server and that takes up a lot of space as well.

    Hi ya Thank you for your help! It turned out that my themes cache file size was 24gb!! Hopefully that fixed it now:) Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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