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  • One of the sites I’m running for a client has been locked down for 24 (now down to 18hours). I called my hosting firm. They informed me the lockdown was implemented by WordPress and not by the hosting firm.

    A) Is this true?
    B) Is there anything that can be done to allow access to the Dashboard before the lock-out expires?
    C) Is there are method of telling our webteam the cause of the lockout and how we can prevent future lock-downs?

    We are currently running two security plug-ins, Limit Log-in Attempts and WordPress Firewall.


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  • esmi


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    A) No. distributes and documents the WordPress application but has no connection with any site running that software.

    B) This has nothing to do with WordPress itself, so we can’t really help.

    C) No. we can only make guesses. For example, did you try resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin?

    Thanks esmi.

    I didn’t think WordPress would have anything to do with locking down a site running on an independent server outside the environment.

    I appreciate your assistance. I think I have a case of a tech support person saying “can’t” when he really meant to say “won’t”.


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    WordPress itself will not do this, but as suggested by Esmi, the plugins might, so should be investigated.

    Limit log in attempts will prevent you from logging in if you’ve exceeded the number of incorrect log in attempts permitted that has been set. It won’t prevent any users visiting the site if they don’t normally have to log in.

    I’ve never used WordPress firewall, but from the description it looks like it might block visits. Also it is quite old so may not be fully compatible with the current version of WordPress.

    To investigate whether these plugins may be causing the issue, connect to the site files by ftp & delete these two plugins. Then if you gain access to the site you can reinstall them to test whether one or the other caused the problem.



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    I’d also suggest checking the site’s .htaccess file in case the hosts have done something and “forgotten” about it.

    🙂 Thanks all.

    Sadly, I can’t even FTP into the site. Again, this is a lock-out at the server level but the folks at the host ISP are giving me misinformation. I posted in this forum to confirm my suspicion that the host ISP was wrong when they suggested WordPress instituted the lockdown.

    I appreciate the assistance but I am fairly convinced the problem rests at the host.

    thanks again to everyone,

    Limit Log-in Attempts can lock the site for incorrect log in attempts. use separate IP or place to log in with know username pass, if i am not wrong. When you say you cant FTP its up to the hosting. but may be the site has been hacked and ftp settings were some how hidden. have you tried creating another FTP account? change slat key.. on wp-config.php, clear plug in on DB…

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