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  • A couple of weeks ago, my database started to disintegrate. I lost two tables, and readers were unable to get beyond the front page. After several abortive attempts to fix this, I finally erased the old database and imported a backup. In the process, I rewrote config.php, reinstalled WP 2.3 and everything seems great, if I am logged in as admin. All links work, and it looks fine. But nobody else can read my blog. The RSS feeds are not being read, and search engines can’t find me. If you try to read it, you get a black page. It is at

    Any suggestions?

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  • I’d suggest checking your web server’s error logs to see what’s being reported. Viewing source at your link shows that the complete page isn’t being built.

    Are you able to log in? If so, try disabling plugins and setting the theme to default.

    In default theme, with only Askimet running, it seems to appear even if I log out.

    The theme I was using was Wucoco three column. I runs okay from inside.

    Yep, I see a blog there now too. Progress 🙂

    Did you check the web server error logs yet?

    I started adding plugins, went back to Wucoco three column, and everything worked until I added Google Analytics. I switched it in and out. It is the culprit. I will keep adding and testing until I get everything back and working. I’ll post my final result here.

    Good work.

    Make sure you have the latest/newest version of Google Analytics!

    The error logs show a series of “file does not exist” errors in the root public directory. And it shows a series of “memory exhausted” errors. The last error was four hours ago.

    I’ll check out a Google Analytics update too.

    Thanks! 😉

    I have upgraded Google Analytics plugin. I was using 1.1 The most recent version is 2.4 I note that the update notice did not appear in my plugins list.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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