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  • I upgraded my blog from wordpress 2.2.2 to version 2.3. After I ran the upgrade.php script, it deleted my wp_categories database. how do I get it back?

    when I goto the admin area, it says:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘tcoburn_wrdp1.wp_categories’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wp_categories

    My categories are still listed under “categories” though, but when I go into phpmyadmin to see what the heck is going on, wp_categories has disappeared, why is this?

    and what on earth are TAGS?? are they the same as categories? they really need to make that clearer if so


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  • That table no longer exists. If you’re seeing errors about it that would be indicative of a plugin that needs to be updated.

    The announcement post about the 2.3 release may be helpful for you:

    It discusses features (such as tags) and also includes a link towards a plugin compatibility page along with lots more info on 2.3.

    thanks. I still don’t quite understand what “tags” are, even after reading the wiki pages explanation of it, but I figure, if I don’t understand what they are, then I probably have no need for ’em 😛 I keep thinking “tags” as in like “meta tags” or search terms or something. I just don’t see whats new about that, and why a category would replace that. Categories are used to group relevant posts together, like a group of related posts, or like a subdirectory of files would be. Thats not even close to what I think of when I hear the word tag 🙂

    Since I am not a techie, I’ll try to give you my layman explanation re tags and categories.

    The categories still exist (even if the DB tables have been renamed) and yes, they are exactly for that: grouping relevant posts together. Therefore, I think a site should have a minimum necessary number of categories… otherwise having 200 categories for 250 posts – makes the whole idea useless.
    However, tags, on the other hand, are different. Think of them as “labels” or tags as in “red tags” (when retailers have big sales). Not meta tags in any case! They serve for a different kind of ‘taxonomy’ or grouping.
    E.g. I can have one category named “Languages” and everything I write and is language related should go there. Now, let’s say I’d like to offer my visitors (and certain aggregator site, like Technorati etc.) to find posts not only by the general category Langauges but also posts that are “tagged” with, say, Tagalog or Russian. So, I tag them like that. I do NOT want a category for every language because there are 6,912 known living languages 🙂

    Now, the interesting thing is that I can use tags “across categories” so to speak. So, I can have 2 posts in my Languages category tagged with “Russian”, and another post in Roulette category, also tagged with “Russian” (because I wrote there about Russian roulette.

    So, when clicking on the “Russian” tag – it will bring you up all the 3 posts with that tag.

    Does it help?

    What if you just did a search for “Russian”? I don’t see how tags are any different than a term put in the search field. Actually, if I’m searching for all references of “Russian”, I’d rather enter that word in the search field than rely on you having tagged all applicable posts.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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