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  • Hello guys,

    My website is slow and Im trying everything to fix the speed, Im using woocommerce.
    I installed Query Monitor and it shows 22 slow queries all of them has something to do with get_terms()

    Screenshot of Query Monitor:

    Screenshot of my “term_taxonomy” table:

    Screenshot of my “terms” table:

    Could this be related to my hosting or because I have many terms, I have deleted all tags, used Sweep plugin and WP-Optimize plugin but still no change.

    Any hints I will appreciate, Thanks 🙂

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    Sorry for the slow reply. You need some sort of object cache to save the results of get_terms() without having to make computationally expensive queries every time. The exact implementation depends on the nature of your need for get_terms(). Your code would be modified to first attempt to get terms from the object cache. Only when that fails is get_terms() called, after which the results are cached for future use.

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