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  • So 2.2 keeps trying to fix or change the html in my posts and pages. I use specific html coding and when I save it, WordPress is changing my html?!? It is messing up how everything is supposed to look and its driving me absolutely nuts. How can I make WordPress stop changing what I type in my posts and pages, and let me do what I know how to do?

    I mean, I put paragraph attributes around a paragraph, and when I save it, WordPress closes the paragraph html before my text even starts and puts one space in the middle?

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    If you’re using the Visual Editor, don’t type actual html code. Only do that in the Code editor.

    And it’s practically impossible to make WordPress stop messing with your posts. The best way is to not attempt to type HTML code directly. Just type text. It will add the necessary HTML if needed. WordPress is made to be used by people who don’t know HTML.

    Yes, I’ve been using the code editor as opposed to the visual editor, but it doesn’t stop changing things. It didn’t used to happen a while back when I was using 2.0. I thought the Code editor was supposed to allow the usage of code? I tried to justify the text using a div code and it turned it into a paragraph. I tried linking to an image and add padding and it changed the entire source address to cut out an entire paragraph. I keep having to go back and fix my posts and pages back to normal from what wordpress keeps changing things to.

    To be clear: Which code editor?

    Are you hitting the code tab of the wysiwyg? If so, disable all that. Users -> Your Profile. Uncheck the “use visual rich editor” option.

    Ah, very sneaky. That appears to have fixed it. Last version I was using, clicking the code tab would literally take you to the code screen. With 2.2, I tried unchecking the visual editor box from my profile, but when it wouldn’t given me the tab to click between visual and code while I was making new posts, I figured what the heck, I might as well go back and check visual editor on my user profile and just click the code tab when needed. Didn’t know the code tab was part of the visual editor now. Not sure what purpose the code tab has then? Very sneak indeed. 🙂

    Besides that WP changes HTML while displaying posts. I made a post ( without the rich editor. Even in the database the post is correct as I wrote it, but when displaying it adds <p> and </p> tags. Suddenly on of the </p> tags is completely wrong. So the result is no valid (X)HTML anymore.

    In spite of trying everything listed in this thread I am havin ga recurring issue with WordPress formatting.

    Turning off the rich text editor does not help. Clicking on the code tab and inserting things there CERTAINLY is not the problem.

    WordPress takes <p>Your Content</p> and changes it to <p&gt(nonbreakingspace; )</p>Your Content

    THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE!! Why doesn’t stripping the paragraph rules from formatting.php change this?

    Clicking on the code tab and inserting things there CERTAINLY is not the problem.

    Actually, it is!
    If the wysiwyg is on (and if you can switch between Code and Visual it is on!) – no matter what you do in Code mode… when saving it the wysiwyg animal will step in screwing up your code.
    As it was stated above: the wysiwyg is for code illiterate users. If you know HTML, you don’t need the wysiwyg ever. Disable it, delete it.

    And with the simple html editor you never need to add <p> and <br />
    1xEnter = br
    2xEnter = paragraph

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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