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2.2 Admin cannot be Author?

  • NigelMacGeorge


    How can I ensure that when I write or edit an article as my logged in self with Admin rights that I am also recorded as the Author of the same work?

    I just upgraded an empty 2.1.3 installation to 2.2 and use the default theme because it really is very good. I posted first time to the blog without a problem, and I was recorded as the Author of that.

    I then created two new users, one with Administrator rights the other as “Author”, so that colleagues could also post articles on my work related blog.

    In my second article, again written by me (the admin) when I look at the list of articles in “Manage” my name is not credited with writing the article, but one of the other two users is instead. My name does not appear in the list of possible Authors at all.

    I clicked on “edit” and looked at the “Post Author” list and find only the two users appear in the list of possible Authors, not me at all.

    I then went to edit my original post, and now my name has been removed from the Authorship of that post completely, so although I am the only one who has written anything at all for the blog, the user that appears first in the alphabetical list is being wrongly credited with Authorship.

    Is it me, or is there a bug? Surely an Administrator with full rights should appear as author of his own posts? I must be doing something wrong – what have I forgotten?

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  • If you have a second and have access to phpMyAdmin, and before you do what I suggest below, could you look at your wp_usermeta table, and see if you have a wp_user_level record for that admin user (probably has user_id=1).

    Now, login as the 2nd admininstrator you created. Change your original administrator to the Subscriber role, save the change. Then change the role back to administrator and save. I believe you will be okay.



    Wow! Fast and fixed! Thank you very much for your swift and really helpful reply which has fixed my problem.

    What a great community!

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