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  • I have done several installs and upgrades of WP on various sites, so am not new to this. However, I have one client site that I recently tried to upgrade from an older version to 2.1, then to 2.1.2. After upgrading, all works, but some key features are missing and I can’t figure out why. The Import feature is missing, as well as under the Options – Reading the area to select a static front page is missing; and it was also missing when I did the original upgrade to 2.1.

    All plugins were deactivated prior to upgrades and no plugins have been reactivated – so it’s not a plugin compatibility issue. The site is running php version 4.4.1 and MySQL version 4.0.16 – so we’re good there. I deleted the required files before install, as per the instructions. I overwrote those that were not to be deleted. I ran the upgrade script and it’s showing the current version within the wp-admin at the bottom of the screen; yet, we’re missing these two components and the static front page is a biggie for this client.

    Any clue what could be causing this site to not fully upgrade with all the features?

    Thanks in advance ~ Traci

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  • You could almost make a case for restoring your data back to pre-2.1 (you called it older) and then redoing the 2.1.2 upgrade from the beginning including uploading new files. No reason you can’t go direct from your older version, to 2.1.2.

    If the database restore is not possible (or desired), you might delete the old WordPress files and reupload the WordPress 2.1.2 files. Make sure you turn off any cache and if necessary delete any cache files (e.g. wp-content/cache).

    Then, using phpMyAdmin on your options table, find the row with the option_value equal to db_version and lower the value to 4771. When you do the upgrade.php again, it will force the database to upgrade to 2.1.2.

    Thanks for the reply Michael.

    Twice I have gone back and deleted the files and tried a reinstall; except the cache file, it is not visible within my FTP program. Any clue how to make it visible so I can then delete it? I did not attempt to restore an older backup database. Guess I’ll try that.

    The thing on my mind is, you say Static front page has GONE !…
    Well static front page feature did not exist pre version 2.1, the only way to achieve it was with a plugin, so if plugins are disabled this may well answer that.

    Now… In 2.1 there is now the option to make any page be the front page of the site (static), but the database has to have a page exist for you to see this option. (A Post is not a page).

    Not sure about the import feature.

    Thanks for the reply Dickie. Yes, I’m aware that the static page feature did not exist before 2.1 and we were using a plugin; but as I stated in my original post, I’ve upgraded many sites to 2.1 and now 2.1.2 and knew there was to be a static front page feature and for some odd reason, with this particular upgrade, it’s not showing up. It should be there, as the site is upgraded to 2.1.2, except for a couple features. I encountered no errors during upgrade, no other problems or issues, just these missing features (static front page and import). IF I had not upgraded other sites and knew these were features in this version, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, as the site does work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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