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    I carefully went through all the instructions to upgrade my site to v 2.1.1, and everything looks the same. My home page metafile still says 2.0.5 and when I look at the bottom of my admin dashboard, it says 2.0.5. Has anything changed, or not? I certainly haven’t found anything new. How do I know if I upgraded or not? All the directories and wordpress files on my host are new. I thought something would look different.

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  • Afraid you have made a mistake somewhere along the line. I can tell this because if you had actually followed all the upgrade instructions (which tell you to delete the old files) your site wouldn’t be running unless you then just re-uploaded the old version by mistake.

    An alternative cause may be that you didn’t delete the files you were supposed to and have (in addition) uploaded the 2.1.1 to an incorrect place (possibly a sub directory) so that the old version is still installed.

    Lastly a cache issue? Try Ctrl F5 to clear your cash.

    Yes, per the instructions, I deleted all the files in WordPress and subdirectories except in the wp-content directory and the .htaccess file, but there was no /cache directory to delete. I will try the ctrl-f5 trick and look again for a cache directory.

    How will I know when I have succeeded? What is a telltale to look for?


    At the bottom of the admin page – shows correct version number.

    Yes, per the instructions, I deleted all the files in WordPress and subdirectories

    OK then it is either a cache issue (though it can’t be if you have actually edited pages, rather than just viewing) so it must be a case of re-uploading the old version of WP.

    btw… is there some reason why the WordPress link on the bottom of your blog leads to Easyweb?

    I started with a free theme from easyweb and never removed the link. Suggestion?

    I will download the upgrade into my upgrade directory again and then I will unzip it and I will delete everything on the host and try to reinstall again. But I would really like to know how to be sure to kill this cache issue. I will look again to see if I canfind /wp-content/cache on the host and will delete it

    There is no /wp-content/cache folder on the host.

    ctrl-f5 seemed to refresh the site page, but the version did not change. I can’t believe I can have so much trouble doing a simple upgrade, especially with a detailed set of instructions that I am checking off a line at a time.

    Went through all the staps again and now I have v 2.1.1. I can’t see that I did anything differently than I did last night but obviously there is a difference. Thanks for your help. Issue is apparently resolved.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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