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  • Can anyone advise how I can view the pure HTML code that is contained within the post?

    The WYSIWYG Editor does not have a “HTML” button to view the raw HTML Code.

    The Code view also filters the HTML Code so that you can not see ALL the code.

    I have numerous posts that I need to clean up hopefully get my blog to validate, but I can’t see what I need to edit out!!

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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  • See, we are opposites! I see the html fine, but there is no WYSIWYG editor on my 2.1!

    I have no tab to switch between visual and code. I assume that the tabs are supposed to be the same as they are at but I don’t have those options. 🙁

    I got it. I had to go under Users, and then click edit beside my name and then over to my profile and check the box for use the visual editor. Hope that helps for you as well.

    Users -> Your Profile.
    Top checkbox.

    Sounds like ccf and ninjagrrl want to check it.
    Sounds like Jardry wants to uncheck it.

    Thanks HandySolo, that worked.
    One thing I’d love for the next version, is having the two tabs, but being able to always open in code.
    Do I make sense?

    OK I am a tad confused…as usual. heh

    I have “Use the visual editor when writing” checked, but when I compose a new post, I see no WYSIWYG editor. Is it hiding somewhere?

    I think it needs to be pointed out that the 2.1 WYSIWYG editor does not work in Safari.


    At least with 2.07 I got the display. Oh well….that is OK.

    That means I will be using FFops a lot more now 😉

    Or maybe even Camino or Mozilla. Because it works in those browsers as well.

    Ah, that clarifies it 4evrblu – I have just installed 2.1 and somehow some of the editor icons (such as list, link, image etc.) are missing from the WYSIWYG toolbar – I had to recheck whether I uploaded all of the files correctly or not. I use Firefox and when I viewed the editor page again using IE – all of the buttons were displayed. Grrrrr.

    Could somebody please fixed this? I don’t want to use IE …

    Thank you!



    turmeric – clear your browser cache and reload the page.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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