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    The Woo-commerce 2.1 update gave me many errors that were not addressed in the this support form or on the woo-commerce web page “common problems”.

    Problems exist in the admin area as well, all the order detail information is not showing.

    I deleted version 2.1 and then did a fresh install the previous version 2.0.20. (as recommended in another support thread).
    I did not have a backup, so I had to reenter my woo-commerce settings and re-created the woo-commerce default pages. I took about an hour, I am back in business with 2.0.20.
    Good luck to everyone else, and to Woo-Commerce I say- BAD release: I should have been called version 3, and it should have NOT DELETED things. It could of also checked for the “common problems” before install.
    Woo-commerce is a great plug-in, this is just a terrible release.
    I will be wary and very slow to implement woo-commerce releases from now on.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I’d wait for authors to update your theme + plugins for compatibility. Perfect world, it would have been done by now, but based on what you are saying, probably hasn’t.

    Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think it is a theme or plugin compatibility problem. My theme and template files are not out of date.
    But I have done some customizing of the template files and use function.php to customize the admin area. I have used :
    These add fields to the order meta and then show these additional fields in the woo-commerce admin area. The code works fine in ver2.0.20. but in ver2.1 the order page stops displaying just after the billing address. The php code is based your documentation:

    Did the action/filter change??
    Does your documentation need updating – a big task with so many changes I’m sure.

    Sir Dance A Lot – where can you get woocommerce 2.0.20?

    I see you can get 2.0.20 on the developer tab… surprising woothemes let this happen…

    And how do I install back the 2.0.20 without loosing data from my Woocommerce such as all the products I uploaded?

    The way I got back to 2.0.20 was to – download the zip file from developers tab at top of page to my PC. Then in wordpress backend I deactivated and deleted the woocommerce plugin. When it asked if I wanted to delete the data I said yes. (I understand this “data” is only the woocommerce settings)(I use a wordpress multi/network site, not sure if that makes any difference). I wanted to do a fresh install of woocommerce v2.0.20 programs and settings, but of course all my products, coupons, orders etc are all intact. Then I installed woocommerce from my saved zip file and networked activated it. I when into the woocommerce admin settings and reset everything to the way it was before, not that many settings need to be changed. I use PayPal standard. The last thing to do was to figure out what pages the new version deleted, and then re-create them and add them back to my custom menus, and change the woocommerce page settings.
    Everything worked after that – back on version 2.0.20

    But if you delete the existing Woocommerce plugin you lose all the data? Or am I wrong?

    I don’t want to lose data when I downgrade to 2.0.20!

    Please help.

    All I can say to Mvdw is that I personally deactivated and deleted the plugin with a “YES” to delete plugin data question and it DID NOT delete my woocommerce products,coupons,orders,categories….
    What it did delete was the woocommerce plugin “settings” only.
    All your stuff is safe in your wordpress database and is not changed or deleted by deactivating& deleting woocommerce.
    I have tried many different plugins in my time with wordpress and fine that the database gets a lot of unused data in it because of this, but it is better than accidentally deleting your data. Several plugins including woocommerce commonly ask you to deactivate your plugins and I have never had a problem with my data.
    You should however always make a backup — I use “Updraftplus Backup/Restore” plugin to do my backups – its easy.

    +1, WooCommerce is known for its flexbility and I admired it but the 2.1.X release is only aimed at cross selling WooCommerce plugins and themes. A lot of easy to configure settings were removed.
    And worst of all they’re now releasing a list of themes which are not compatible with woocommerce 2.1.X. Its like “Hey Buyers, buy themes from us, third party vendors are incapable of using woocommerce”.
    I am a plugin/theme author and now I find WooThemes backstabbing for supporting them. I thought WooCommerce would be like Yoast or W3TC but it is no where close.
    IF your (woothemes) changes impact 2.X million sites you should be careful that they don’t face a “Fatal error” because people lose business with your adhoc changes.
    Please do not push an upgrade just for the sake of upgrade or cross selling your own products.

    I’m so glad I have not updated to 2.1! I have had issues in the past with WC updates breaking stuff on my client sites, so I was being very cautious.

    They released 2.1 on February 10th, then had a mad rush of people with problems, and were still patching as of February 27th. Over two weeks of patches is waaaaay too long for me to risk having my clients go without a working site.

    Reading the stories of problems with this update has made me very leery of using WooCommerce on any more client sites. I am a one-person design shop, and I cannot spend unbillable hours testing and debugging WooCommece every time they do a big release–and 2.1 really does seem like a 3.0 release. Breaking backwards compatibility, even if it’s to clean up a “mess,” is bad news for independent developers. See: Plugin development and the fear of change

    I was very hopeful for WC, but after the pricing snafu and then these upgrade issues, I just don’t have confidence in the organization any more. Hosted e-commerce is looking more and more attractive 🙁

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