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  • After having installed 2.1, I am suddenly finding myself being flooded with spam messages in my moderation queue, plus I keep getting e-mails from the moderation queue even if I have moderated comments as being spam. Others having the same problems? It is like the Akismet plugin all of a sudden has stopped functioning…

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  • I am not, by chance did you reenable it after upgrading?

    Yes, I did. I have just tried turning it off then on again. Let us see what happens…

    Yep, me too, 1 comment every 30 mins or so now, very bad

    Didn’t help. I still get all spam directly to my moderation queue. Akismet has stopped working… What to do?

    I’m (still) using the old version and have been a victim of spam attacks for the last couple of days (compared to the occassional message slipping through previously)… Anybody know what to do?

    You may find a good help. But I did not yet try it on WP 2.1.

    Is there any way I can check up on the Akismet functionality? See if there is some error somewhere? I just like to get any pointer towards a solution, please. Anyone? Pretty please?

    Since going to 2.0.something or other, I’ve been getting about 60 spam messages in queue a day. However, I’m choosing to look at this two ways- one is that my posts are indexing better and being noticed, even if it is by the spybots, and two is that at least they are in my queue and not on my blog.

    boerbabe: Oh you’re absolutely right, but it is still way more cumbersome to constantly getting e-mails about irrelevant postings and handling them manually, than to have Akismet do the work for you.

    But the “indexing better” theory does not apply to me – the Akismet spam count at my site is constant whereas all spam ends up in my moderation queue – hence Akismet is non-functional. And it would be great to have it up and running again… 🙂

    Hmmm… I’m guessing you checked your settings for the plug-in and there’s nothing weird about them? I’m not sure what to suggest besides maybe turning notification off and just checking it whenever is convenient to you until it can be fixed.

    I’m waiting until more of my plug-ins can be used with the new version before I update to 2.1- the last update I did because of the security issues posted, but it was a pain because most of the plug-ins I was using didn’t work with that version.

    Check the Akismet version – it should be1.8 if you upgraded to WP 2.1.
    Folks aren’t uploading the wp-contents folder where the new Akismet is.
    Also, I recommend using Bad Behavior with Akismet.

    My Akismet is 2.0, not 1.8, and no settings has been changed since I upgraded… Can’t understand why Akismet should be 1.8 – have tried to download 2.1 again just to be sure and Akismet is still v2.0 there…?

    Have installed Bad Behaviour, but I would still like to get Akismet back to work again…

    Folks aren’t uploading the wp-contents folder

    Samboll – for the record – they aren’t because the directions to upgrade to 2.1 say not to. (I just upgraded my blogs today, and there’s a specific line in the upgrade instructions that says to NOT overwrite your wp-content folder.) I didn’t do it either. I’m now off to check my Akismet stuff in my curent upgrades…

    but just in case you didn’t notice, that’s why no one is upgrading the wp-contents folder.

    Y’know, there’s really no reason not to upload it (even thought the “instructions” say not to) – it only overwrites identical file names, so it would overwrite for instance /themes/default/ and /plugins/hello.php, but not your special themes (one caveat: that’s what happens on MY server – YMMV).

    The files names are the same, but are the contents?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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