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  • Hi, thanks for the latest release of WP 2.1!

    I must say that I like eveyrthing except the Blogroll part, where was called “Links” before, and now I found it somewhere in 2.1 is also called “bookmarks”. I was wishing to modify the link list style on the sidebar, and I coundn’t find links.php anymore under the /includes directory, but a file named bookmark-template.php instead, there’s also a file called link-template.php there. This is really confusing, I feel something’s been messed up and could anyone pls kindly clear for me what are the differences between terms “bookmark”, “blogroll” and “links” at WordPress? Why doesn’t wordpress just call it “blogroll” or “links” but calling it in 3 ways?! This aspect, I like 2.0 a bit more.

    ps: I must modify the source code of bookmark-template.php cuz 1) For example when I use wp_list_bookmarks(‘before=<span class=”abc”>’) in the template file, it will be converted into <span class=\”abc\”> **(added slashes before quotation marks)** when displaying the page. 2) I can’t put the auto ID attribute (like id=”%id”) for the link category.


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  • I’ve just installed 2.1 over the top of 2.0.5 and now I get an error:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_link_cats() in /www/wordpress2.1/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php on line 163

    which appears to be related to link (now blogroll) categories. It seems that these categories have been lumped in with the post categories (at least from an admin screen point of view) and it’s a mess!

    I agree with you – WP should pick one term and use it consistently, but also keep the categories separate (or make the merge more intelligent).

    Other than that, WP still rocks!

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