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    I like the idea that this is built into 2.1. However, after upgrading, I tried to implement this feature but nothing changed. How does this work? What am I doing wrong. there doesn’t seem to be info on the Codex about it yet.

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  • First of all, you have to make the page, then you go into Options > Reading where you can select whether to show the latest posts or a static page

    Just through trial and error here is what it looks like to me:

    In options/Reading you can select to use a A Static Page. Then you have two options…Front Page and Posts Page

    1. If you set a Page in Front Page ONLY then that page will be your homepage. The only way to get to posts is through categories, archives, etc.
    2. If you set a page in Posts Page ONLY then your site will look like normal, but the page you selected as the Post Page will now become a link to your posts…effectively deactivating any content on that page. Seems this would be useful if you created a page called something like “News” or “Posts” and set it as the Post Page…this would provide a link to your posts and all other pages would work as normal.

    Of course, you could have a combination with a different page in each…


    Martinhipp, I figured that much out. When I tried to play around with it, basically doing what ekusteve suggested, nothing about my site changed at all. The home url still goes to the blog with yesterday’s post at the top, not to a static page, even after refreshing and cache-clearing.

    Ok so you’ve made the page and put content etc on it.
    In options you’ve under reading you’ve selected the a static radio button and then selected the the page in the front page dropdown box

    I don’t see brittanie’s problem.

    When I select a static page and below that I select the About page for Front page, then all I get is the About page content at the blog’s URL.

    In my Options->General screen, my WordPress and Blog URLs are the same.

    I’m using the default Permalinks.

    Same with me Michael, I works for me as well.

    I haven’t made a new page because I have several old pages. I have picked a few at random to test them out and none have worked. But other than that, yes, I have followed all the directions as above.

    My blog is not in it’s own directory. It is stored at the root directory on the site, so my blog and wordpress urls are the same (like MichaelH’s).


    Okay, something just occurred to me. I use the CQS plugin and have it set to display 5 most recent posts on the home page and 10 posts per archive page. I just de-activated the plugin and tried the static front page again and it worked this time, so there is some conflict between that plugin and this new feature.

    Otherwise, the feature works fine without the plugin and the plugin works fine in 2.1 as long as you don’t implement that feature.

    That explains it

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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