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  • I am having a very annoying latency issue with my blog. This just started 3 days ago. I am using WP 2.06. I have not touched anything in my files, that I am aware of, to make this happen, other than make changes to the code within sidebar.php

    The only plugins I am using are:

    Adsense (but have since disabled)

    Askimet -active

    Add New Metatags -active

    WordPress Database Backup -Active

    My server has since set my MySQL limit up to 1000 as of yesterday but in the 24 hours since then, I don’t see that its made any difference.

    I have changed my password from the ADMIN area 3 times but not sure this would have anything to do with it.

    Here are the problems I am getting:

    White pages

    Problem connecting to Database Error page from WP several times a day.

    Pages lock up

    Taking many times 30 to 40 seconds to get to another page or post and sometimes longer to even get into the admin area for my blog.

    Don’t let it fool you. The navigation on the right side and up at the top are the problems as well as the admin area access on the Left. Even clicking on the calendar at times.

    Images will not display quickly sometimes and this is not happening on other sites I frequent.

    I have had 8 other people, friends, co-workers and family test this out on their own computer and again same thing happens after about a minute or two of browsing.

    And yes I have read and read and read all of the what it could be but would appreciated it if someone could look at my site and source code to see if there might be something going on. Part of the problem is that I am such a novice at this, that I am completely lost.

    I am at my wits end. Why even bother to direct visitors here if once they get here they leave due to this problem?

    Some of you will immediately check for Valid XHTML from my website. Yes I know there are 36 remaining errors, however its mostly for the TARGET attributes, however I do not want those links to open in the same window. Don’t have a workaround for that.

    Basically any of those remaining erros have to be the html code for each of my affiliate banners and not much of a workaround for that otherwise they won’t work period. It’s what was supplied to me.

    I have adjusted my sidebars for more customization but again I do not see any errors that might be affecting
    the latency / load issues here.

    My website is

    Again any help you can provide me with would be most appreciated.

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  • Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    Have you contacted your host about this problem, or is this a self-hosted situation?

    I have contacted them of course several times as a matter of fact and they say its not them.

    My hosts name is GATE.COM and even though I upgraded to a larger shared server, its till gving me the same problems.

    This is through my hosting provider GATE.COM

    MySQL Server :
    MySQL Database Name : spaparaz
    MySQL Username : spaparaz
    MySQL Password : Same as your hosting account password, unless you change it using the tool below.
    MySQL Usage : 0 MB / 500 MB

    NO I have not changed the password.

    Other notes listed on the database pase in my control panel with them state…

    Host access is activated by default. This means, only hosts on the domain may access your database which allows your web server and any scripts on that server to access your database but any other clients will be denied. If you would like to connect to your database from outside the domain then deactivate host access restrictions. This will allow any host on the Internet to connect with your database; of course they will still have to know the correct username and password to log into it.

    Dump SQL allows you to make a backup of your SQL database. When used, this tool will create a directory named “mysql” in the root directory of your account; your backup will reside inside this directory labeled “spaparaz.txt”.

    Restore enables you to restore your SQL database back to the state in which it was the last time you did an SQL dump. The restore tool will access the file labeled “spaparaz.txt” in the “mysql” directory located in the root of your account to create the restored database.

    So can anyone shed some light on this?

    Could any of the ABOVE be contributing to the problem I am having?

    Again I am totally a novice at this end of it.

    If someone could explain this to me in simple straightforward terms that I could understand.


    Anybody with some ideas on this?

    One word of advise – Stop writing so much. Please try to be concise with describing your issue. We only have so much time to help each individual and it takes time to figure how what the issue is trying to read all that. 🙂

    Could it be the dozens of adverts you have on your blog? I note that when I first load your page is when it takes so long. Even the CSS doesn’t get loaded. When I start moving around your blog, everything is fine. That means you’re loading too much in the first load. First load took over 20 seconds. A fresh reload took less than a second.

    Hope this helps,

    Hi Mike (my hubbys name actually too) Well the only reason I have given this much info is because others will probably as so as to narrow down the problem

    Actually many of those sponsors weren’t even on there yet and I still had the exact same issues.

    I don’t think its related, not when I get WP cannot connect to database screens and the like

    not when I get WP cannot connect to database screens and the like

    Well, if you’re getting that at random, (ie it comes and goes without you editing or changing anything) that’s a sign of an overload server that can’t make the connection to the MySQL program.

    on the hosts end CORRECT? So how can I get them to correct this for me?

    Yes, that would be on your host provider’s side of the deal.

    What should I request them to do?? Thanks.

    drmike is right — your home page plus all the images equal 828K (at least, that’s what I was able to download). That’s huge in itself.

    But if any of these images are hosted on other servers (and many are), then you’re going to have problems regardless of what your host does. That is, if getting the images from those external servers is slow, then your page is going to be slow — and it has nothing to do with mysql or your host.

    I’d suggest cutting down the number of images by at least 2/3. Try that, and see if it’s still the same.

    Hi Dianne,

    I suppose I could substitute those links with text links there if necessary. Some of them I would like to stay however but it may have to be that way if this indeed is causing me the grief. I will attempt to take some out and see if I still get those load time problems.

    However, would even cause the WP cannot connect to database page to come up?

    Guess this is what I am wondering….

    The “cannot connect to database” is one you want to talk to your host about. Find out if they’re doing maintenance; or heck, find out if they’re even aware that your site can’t reliably connect to the db.

    Ok if you could check or someone else. I took off 2/3rd of my affiliate banners off and replaced with text links.

    I think its a bit faster but if you can let me know how long the page is to download now, this way I can see if I am at least making some headway on this. Before you mentioned it was some 828K.

    Also for reference should I have any images I am displaying on my site, reside under this folder
    or just under my own image file for the same?

    Didn’t know if the call to it would come up any quicker or if any difference at all.

    You’re hvaing two different issues though – the page size with loading and the can’t connect errors and they’re not really related. I would go bug your host about the can’t connect stuff as that’s a major concern.

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