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    Since I upgraded 2.0.6 the Search Everything Plugin, written by Dan Cameron doesn’t work anymore. Had anyone the same problem and solution? Or is there maybe another plugin with the same functionality that is working on 2.0.6? Thank you.

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  • I’ve also lost the Search Static plugin functionality since upgrading to 2.0.6, which is absolutely critical to the site I am developing — I need the ability to search both pages and posts. This is a vital aspect to a site being built for a client.

    I’m interested in hearing of any solution as well. I’ve written the author of the Search Static plugin, to see if he could offer a solution. But as of yet, no reply.

    Rongo, I also tried two other plugins in the meantime, but they didn’t work as well. There seem to be only three plugins available for static pages search, so this is a major issue. Anyone else who has the same problem and / or solution? Thanks very much and a happy new year.

    The search static pages plugins that do not work right now – at least on my site – are:

    Latest (David B. Nagle)
    Search Everything (Dan Cameron)
    Search Reloaded (Denis de Bernardy)

    It’s not hard to imagine that any of these auhors do not feel like working like idiots to get their plugins right. Maybe the problem is not the plugins but 2.0.6. I would NOT recommend to install this one right away. For example: my brother runs 1.5 on several sites without any problem.

    Maybe the fact that 2.0.6 came out within the last day is an issue with the plugin authors?

    Or maybe your upgrade itself is suspect? What version did you upgrade from?

    I’ve upgraded 4 WP blogs to 2.0.6 so far (all were at 2.0.5 and 2.0.4). Between them, they’re probably using 40 or so plugins. All work. Including this “Advanced Search” plugin which searches pages:

    Handy: for what it’s worth, I installed a fresh copy of WP 2.0.6 into a clean database, and added the Search Static plugin as well as two static pages. Search results still return zero results. The plugin simply looks for status=static which is a very basic query. However, it is not returning any results — neither on my production blogs, development site, or the new one I tried today.

    I’m hoping the author, or someone here can look at the 5 or 6 lines of code in the Search Static plugin and offer a fix for me.

    I have a feeling it may be due to the new query filter. However, not being a programmer, I cannot be certain.

    For reference, here’s the entire plugin code… it’s not much, but it worked extremely well under 2.0.5

    # version constant
    define('k_SEARCH_STATIC_VER', '0.1');
    function search_static($where) {
    if (is_search())
    $where = preg_replace("'(post_status = "publish".*'", "(post_status = 'static' OR post_status = 'publish')", $where);
    return $where;
    add_filter('posts_where_paged', 'search_static');

    Still waiting for a reply from the plugin author himself. But as of yet, no reply.

    Hi Peeps

    For what it’s worth my copy of David Nagle’s ‘Search Pages 0.1’ plugin has snuffed it too.

    Yesterday running on 2.0.5: all hunky dory on searching both static pages and posts. Today, posts only get searched, static pages don’t show.

    Just FYI, I’m developing a site locally on my Mac using MAMP.

    This is the first problem I’ve encountered with a WP upgrade in 4 months.

    Anyone know how safe it is to retrograde?

    Hardhat 🙂

    Why nobody gives a try to the plugin HandySolo linked to above?

    Hi Moshu

    Just skimming the ‘Advanced Search’ plugin that Handy mentioned, the plugin seems to designed great if you want to go to a specialist search page.

    The advantage of the other plugins mentioned is that they work in conjunction with the default search box in the sidebar: ie: you don’t have to go to a seperate page to search.

    Hopefully some fixes will become available from the developers or maybe there’s a WP tweak the WP guys can do.

    I’ll watch for the time being.

    Hardhat 🙂

    Have been thinking about going back to 2.0.5 but after reading Aaron Brazell’s I guess it all will be up to the plugins writers. @handysolo, the plugin you talk about is an advanced one and needs a special page. Also, Dan Cameron says on his very own page that his plugin is ready for WordPress 2.1. Rongo should be close to where the problem is, I think.

    Just want to let you know I proceeded a downgrade back to 2.0.4. in case you check my site and wonder how I got the search plugin working. My pages are too important to be skipped when doing a search, so for now I am out of this topic. Cheers.

    Cyberney, do you think that’s wise, considering that 2.0.5/6 addressed security concerns?

    I, too, require search functionality of static pages without requiring a special advanced search page. However, failing the lack of response from the plugin authors themselves, I am hopeful *someone* with an on understanding of wp’s logic and language can offer a suggestion here on this support thread. It’s not like the code I posted above is 100’s of lines of code.. it’s a simple query statement of a few lines that no longer works since upgrading to 2.0.6 — is there no one on the support board familiar enough with wp’s logic and structure that they cannot offer a suggested fix to the code above?

    Ideally, a response from the plugin authors themselves would be best, but for some reason no responses have been received.

    That said, I have to admit that I find it somewhat incredible that the default search in WP is limited to posts only, and omits pages. I would have expected this to be an option within the admin section, included with the default wp package itself.

    Rongo, well I just take the risk running 2.0.4 untill there is a solution for the problem we have. I do blog for getting my visitors to my static pages actually, since these show my core bizz. What I can say now as for how risky it is running an older WP version: my brother runs 2 websites still on WP 1.5. Another website he owns runs on Nuke and that one is giving him a whole lot of trouble (hackers). So I think WP should be considered safe, even 1.5. One may expect that plugin authors just wait for WP 2.1 as well.

    I fully agree with you that the page search function should be integrated in the default theme. Michael Heidemann, the author of the default theme, and his fellows of K2 (the follow up to the contemporary default theme) seem to work on that. For now also using K2 one needs the special plugin we talk about.

    I’m having problems with the ‘WYSIWYG Pro’-plugin from ( too. When I try to edit an article, all I get is a blank page.

    I upgraded from 2.05 to 2.06 following the instructions.

    Moderator Peter Westwood


    WordPress Lead Developer

    I think this is because the SQL quoting was changed in this changeset.

    Try this fix (untested):

    # version constant
    define('k_SEARCH_STATIC_VER', '0.1');
    function search_static($where) {
    if (is_search())
    $where = preg_replace("'(post_status = 'publish'.*'", "(post_status = 'static' OR post_status = 'publish')", $where);
    return $where;
    add_filter('posts_where_paged', 'search_static');

    Westi: thanks, but the fix you suggested does not work either. It “almost” does, but not quite. With your suggested fix, a query for any term returns results for all posts and pages, even if the query term does not exist in them. For example, if I search for a term I know exists only on one single static page, the search results will now include, in the search results, an entry for every single page and post on the site.

    Thanks for trying.

    I still find it incredible that the ability to search posts and pages is not an option offered in the default distribution of wordpress itself.

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