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  • after reading several threads about the newer 2.0.4 version and seeing mixed reviews, is it really worth upgrading from v2.0.3? I have gone as far as to download the new version, just not install it. A lot of people have seemed to have issues with it. So far I’m not really having problems with 2.0.3 other than the random error when posting and the whole backslashes instead of apostraphies (despite having the plugin that is supposed to fix that)…

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  • beats me. I haven’t had a single issue with 2.0.4. I’ve only upgraded about a half dozen blogs to 2.0.4. Perhaps there is a problem still waiting for me to find it.

    Being a fan of not having security breaches and silly “work-around” plugins (ok, not silly – necessary!), I personally have enjoyed 2.0.4 so far.

    Working fine for me. Did a rollout to my clients. Haven’t heard a word in complaint besides the normal stuff.

    Ditto drmike: a dozen (my own and clients), all working solid sterling.

    I couldn’t really find a good list on what all the changes were and what they did, but a lot of those little work arounds that I have probably implimented in 2.0.3 have been addressed in 2.0.4?

    I’ll have to say it’s worth upgrading from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4. 😉 There has been a good number of “bugs/issues”, fixed since 2.0.3.. for 2.0.4. =)

    +1 for yay.. 😉


    No problem with 2.0.4 out here. You should upgrade

    More to the point, do you really want to leave your site open to security issues? Minor bug fixes, I can take or leave, but security, I dont’ mess with…

    Yeah, slaps self.. I forgot to include the security fixes in the above reply.. thanks vavroom, for pointing that out.. =) Half my mind is still in bed sleeping.. hold on.. I’ll go wake him up .. =P


    I made a back up of my database. And then, I made a copy of the folder under a new folder name. And then I create a new myslq username for that new folder. I copy the database from the old folder into the new folder. And then to upgrade the old one. If the old one don’t work, then the new folder is my copy.

    I still say wordpress 2.0.4 is badly coded.. Its gotten better over the years, least now it follows XHTML specifications, but wordpress is still so badly coded and not very well documented… What they really need to do, and I’ve said this before, is just start over from scratch, something new and improved that blows away the rest of the competition, but that’ll never happen.. So I don’t get that excited about new releases no more..

    what I mean is, sorry didn’t make myself clear enough on that last post (I just sorta babbled) is that wordpress’s PHP coding is badly structured, they need to start over from scratch and structure the code alot better.. THat would not only speed up execution times, but also redundant code can be restructured and organized so much better 🙂 least thats my opnion anyway 🙂

    You should join the wp-hackers mailing list and enlighten them with your thoughts.




    no doubt, handy.

    @bubazoo, you speak with such authority Im surprised at that other thread of yours over here:

    I would think that would be a no-brainer for someone so astute. *cough*

    On topic: responsible web masters stay up to date on on the software theyre using — whether it that means patching OR doing upgrades.

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