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  • WordPress Trac states that version 2.0.4 is planned for July 15th – is there any chance that it will be released soon?

    I’m going to install two new blogs in the next 24 hours and it will be cool to have brand-new release for them (and to not have to upgrade them two hours after installation 😉

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  • I’ve been checking “Active” tickets over the past week or four, and haven’t noticed *much* change at all. So, I’m guessing it’s “technically” not going to be released then.. =(

    If only I knew some basic PHP sigh.. I’d dive in to help, I’m more of a “tester”, then I give “feedback” and such, on it..

    I mean, that bughunt evidently went well though, before they had the “hunt”, there was like only 10/11 active tickets.. now there is 26. =) But, that count just hasn’t changed I’m not sure what’s going on.. =/


    But, I’m still running 2.0.4-alpha on my blog and I’m not seeing all those supposed errors or problems.. yet atleast lol. [knocks on wood quick] haha

    Well, I tried 2.0.4-alpha, and it seems to be quite stable. In fact I’ll happily install it for my new blogs if there will be no DB schema changes. I guess I will wait for next 10 hours (time to sleep 😉 and then install whatever available.

    BTW, after brief look – it seems to me that most tickets are not very important 🙂

    BTW, after brief look – it seems to me that most tickets are not very important 🙂

    Yeah.. It’s still just hard to say though lol. =p A good “number” of them are “defect” tagged though.. I guess we’ll just have to go with the wind on this one. lol


    Um. Wind as in a wonderful breeze through one’s hair? Or wind as in “breaking wind”? (And I do NOT mean the local kite shop of that ilk!)

    LMaaaO!! You’re funny vicki.. =P Well, I guess that would depend on preference(s).. or whatever.. but, I was referring to the “Wind as in a wonderful breeze through one’s hair..” type of wind.. lol! 😉


    Heh, okay…. just checkin’!

    I was also wondering when the WP development team was going to draw a line in the sand and release 2.0.4.

    From the bug hunt post, I thought it would be released on or around the 15th and it’s now the 18th.

    Can we get an update on status? Thanks in advance.

    Yep, and the last change to 2.0.4 branch was made a week ago…

    It’ll happen when it happens. Chill, have a drink, relax, it’ll be that much more fun when it happens.

    Who knows what’s going on behind the scene? Maybe the lead developer’s got a family emergency. Maybe they discovered a security hole that must be fixed (just a supposition here, no basis on anything else than wild imagination). Maybe they decided to take a well deserved break.

    Road bumps happen in development projects. So, they’re a few days late for releasing a maintenance release. So what? I mean, look at Joomla! The 1.5 version is over 6 months late!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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