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  • OK, besides those annoying “Are you sure you want to do this messages?”, the new version of WordPress is also doing something different to the .htaccess file so that modrewrites don’t work anymore. Before I had a modrewrite so that any URI for my domain that gets entered with the word “guestbook” in it, it goes to my servers page not found page rather than loading my 404 error page and wasting my bandwidth. I had to do this cause I was getting nearly a thousand hits a day from bots and such trying to go there… Now, for some reason ever since I upgraded it stops working. It is putting in an extra line with just “[E]” in it, that is the only difference. I then have to re-upload my old .htaccess file at least once a day.

    Does anyone know what is going on? How this can be prevented or fixed?

    Thank you

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  • I upgraded without a hitch because I only changed the files that were altered.This site made my upgrade painless and deals with your problem above 🙂

    WordPress 2.0.3 Bug: “Are you sure?” dialog when editing comments

    Bhoney, would that work for when you get the confirmation dialouge’s with no layout? I don’t get the the forward slash bugs..

    I am already using that plugin… It takes care of almost all of the “are you there” things, except for one that I have found…

    My main concern is with the .htaccess thing. Whatever is doing this is making it so that these spammers and bots can come back. I know that they are when I see them in my stats on who is going to what page on my site.

    Sorry Jennifer I have no idea 🙁

    Kahil someone else will have to answer the htaccess question.I’m still a WP newbie myself 🙂

    well…i’m not exactly a newbie…, but still, for a “stable” release, this new version sure does seem buggy/unfinished…

    ughhh… its happenning again and more often as well… I don’t know what is doing this to my htaccess file and all my searches turn up nothing… Can anyone help?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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