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  • Just for clarification purposes, I had noticed in the wp-testers list that the database hasn’t changed correct? And there is no need to run the upgrade.php correct? Here below is the email I’m referring to..

    Kirk Steffensen wrote:
    > Sorry. False alarm. I was getting a “Call to a non-member function error”
    > on a call to $wp_roles->add_cap(). After deactivating the plugin, clearing
    > the plugin options, and reactivating it, WPG2 works.
    > I didn’t get a Database update message when I installed 2.0.2. I assume the
    > DB didn’t need updated and this is normal. That being the case, it’s
    > curious that WPG2 didn’t come up right the first time. Can’t recreate it,
    > because it’s up and running now.

    The database hasn’t changed so there is no need to run the upgrade.

    The only place we call $wp_roles->add_cap() is in WP_Role:add_cap() and
    that function global $wp_roles properly. Plugins shouldn’t be calling
    $wp_roles->add_cap(). They shouldn’t really be using $wp_roles directly
    at all.


    Or is it ok to run the upgrade.php file anyways like normal while upgrading, and not have to worry about getting errors? Thanks in advanced.. =)


    I could have just done an upgrade on a Test Blog and found out myself..but just wanted to bring this question out to the “public”.. =/

    Because if you “technically” don’t need to run the upgrade.php file, it might help other(s) by getting this pointed out to them..or whatever maybe..I dunno. =/

    I just downloaded the new version and ran upgrade.php and everything works fine.

    Awesome, thanks brittanie for your quick reply and for clarifying this.. =) So we/I can do all the normal steps for the upgrade like before and have no worries..this is great. =)

    Now time to upgrade ALL the dang blogs lol! Jesus, talk about along night/morning for me..sigh, but it is well worth it though. =)


    My upgrade went really quick. No worries!

    Mine went well too, done in minutes 🙂

    Yip – mine too – ran upgrade to no problems !

    I wonder why Atom 1.0 wasn’t included this time either?

    mine went well. but i noticed that my post times are gone now. i haven’t the foggiest where to peek.

    …good thing it turned out to be my own fault. no problems, then!

    Upgraded to 2.0.2 , THANKS 🙂

    Any chance of a changed file list anyone?

    Index: wp-comments-post.php
    Index: wp-includes/template-functions-general.php
    Index: wp-includes/version.php
    Index: wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/langs/en.js
    Index: wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/en.js
    Index: wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_gzip.php
    Index: wp-includes/classes.php
    Index: wp-includes/template-functions-links.php
    Index: wp-includes/comment-functions.php
    Index: wp-includes/functions.php
    Index: wp-register.php
    Index: wp-settings.php
    Index: wp-admin/menu-header.php
    Index: wp-admin/list-manipulation.php
    Index: wp-admin/admin-header.php
    Index: wp-admin/post.php
    Index: wp-admin/admin.php
    Index: wp-admin/admin-functions.php
    Index: wp-admin/user-edit.php
    Index: wp-admin/edit-pages.php
    Index: wp-admin/import/blogger.php

    And for the inevitable “Can we have a patch?”

    Sorry to ask a newbie question…: but how do you apply the .diff file? That would be such a perfect thing to do :-). Thanks!

    Thanks masquerade – makes life so much easier! Grateful

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